Beautiful Mini Filament KeyChain

by Heliox May 6, 2017
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These are great, somebody needs to make one of these into a extruder knob.

I have got to print some more of these. :)
These are sooo cute! And I really like the amazing press-to-fit quality.

Can I ask; what tolerances do you work with?

This is awesome, would also make a great piece to modify to have something handy to keep print settings on.

Printed at 200% for my Xmas tree!

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Nice! I'm definitely gonna print one (I've only got 3 colors: black, white and red :( sad life haha). DO you think this will work with flexible filament? And the spool seems a bit thin, are you sure this is strong enough for the keyring? It looks like it might break easily but maybe that might not be the case...

Printed one out and absolutely love it!

Would be nice as a fidget piece to roll/unroll the filiment..nice design!

My son is starting middle school in a couple of weeks. He wants this to clip on to his backpack. I think it might help him make new friends as a conversation piece. If his friends like them, we will make some for them too! With my son being on the autism spectrum, sometimes little things can help a lot. Thanks for putting this up there for us!

Thank you for your message which makes pleasure to read.
I wish him happiness :)

olala c'est trop mimi :)

Perfect for showing filament color samples!

beautiful keychain, well designed

Use filament to print filament.

An infinite loop ! :)

These are adorable! Excellent work!

This is awesome! Going to print it as soon as my mom turns her back to me. She doesn't like me 3d printing:(

tell her that you could be smoking dope and playing video games instead of 3d printing and expanding your creative mind :))

Why would she not like that. 3D Printing blows up in the industry right now and they need experts to hire...

probably got a loud one

Absolutely love them, they are sooo cute.

Love it! Going to print it right now!

Cool idea! Nice work!

Like as you want...

Where is a good placed to get the chain from? I have found the small and large split rings, but not the short chain like that. Or did you get it all in one piece.

absolutely genius! I love your idea! I might try to remix it to fit a bearing in the bottom of the rack so that you can rotate it to see colors.

Hello daveleblanc ! :)
Good idea ! Don't hesitate to make a better version of the stand if you want =)

These will be great for filament sample prints! I am going to run off a dozen or so of the spools in black ABS soon! Thanks for the model!

Hi Azurefog !

I made a stand model for filament samples, you can print just one floor with 9 spools or two floors to up until 18 spools.
I hope you like it =)

Thanks for your comment :)
Yes, it could be great filament sample !
Please post some pictures when you have printed them =)

Thank you Langschwert !
Glad you like it =)

If you are not very careful that could be a conversation starter!

I don't understand, what do you mean?