QAV-M 110 Micro Quad FT Gremlin Frame

by Bromego May 6, 2017
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What are the biggest motors that will fit on this frame?

It fits standard 1104mm motors with 9mm base plate spacing or the emax 8.4mm spaced mounting holes. I have fit 2345 props on it.

If I pick these files: Base_Plate_standard_1104_motor_mount_9mm and TOP_PLATE_2_EMAX_2345... That is the biggest prop and motor combo possible correct?

hello good job!
how about weight? I want to transform my babyhawk if it is worth ?

The frame is incredible light, although I would think your baby hawk frame would be better for crashes, etc.

Also I am not sure if the wires connecting your esc are long enough transporting over from a baby hawk to this. But surely give it a go and let me know!

Hi, was wondering if I need extra hardware? I am buying the electronic kit from banggood and wanted to be sure that I didn't need any spacers. Thanks!

I am not sure what you bought from banggood, however maybe the only thing you need is a m3 nylon standoff kit if you dont have one.


Yes this works but you still need to buy nylon stand offs for the uprights that join the base plate to the top plate

Ok thanks, added them to cart.

Hey man I've been trying to figure it out but can't create one that fits my fc. It's got 20x26 mounting points and its fatter than it is long. Anyway you could whip one up for me please? :)

What FC are you using? I can def do it, I just might have to make the 26mm go long ways if you can rotate the FC 90 degrees

It's a micro f3 board but it's mounted to this 3A Blheli_S 4 in 1 Brushless ESC pdb board thing. It's what came on the King Kong 90gt.

Looks like you have already updated the model, but just in case you still wanted it, I have updated the file to include a 20x26 mounting for your FC.

Ok I can def update it to be a 20x26. I just can't do it til Wednesday. I left my cad laptop at work for the holiday

How do you like the 4 bladed props compared to the 3 bladed props?

Much more trust and helped with wobbles exponentially. If you can get your hands on them I HIGHLY recommend them.

But you cannot use the props I have listed on the EMAX motors.

Emax uses a non standard bolt pattern to hold down the props. (I had to learn the hard way)

Gotcha. Maybe I'll try those out when I eventually build a second micro quad. What are your thoughts on mounting the battery on top of the quad vs below the quad? I see both orientations in your pictures.

I like on top. I put a little Velcro on the battery too to hold it in place better too.

Man, I wish there was some carbon fiber version of this.

Agreed. But also you don't need carbon with those tiny motors

What parts did you use on this build?

  • Emax Micro Brushless Power Pack System
  • Frsky XM+ Receiver

But then one of the emax motors died so I bought:

4x DYS BE1104 5400KV
3 pack of 2035 quad blade props

Hi !!

Do you have a picture with Emax1104 motors ?

Nope but they fit, if you print the emax base plate. I had the emax power pack system on there and then one of my motors died so I switched to better motors.

Not to mention EMAX 2345 props are not standard mirco props

what strap are you using to keep the battery on?

Simply just a Old Velcro cable tie

do you have a link to the ones you use i got some but there too long

Why not just cut it. Honestly I just pulled it out of my junk drawer. I know they sells these at Home Depot too

VELCRO Brand - ONE-WRAP Cable Management, Self Gripping Cable Ties, Reusable, 8" x 1/2" Ties, 5 Ct. - Multi-color https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00144CABS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_dBlnzb61T26PA