Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Metal Slug Tank V2

by alpokemon May 7, 2017
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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Can you fix the METAL_SLUG.STL the two back parts near the pipes, they are not connected to the main body, they get deleted when healing the model.

Which parts? The 2 rectangular things that hold the machineguns? I separated them out so you can print that and glue it on, otherwise, there will be support damage to that area. If you can clarify, I can fix that.

I would like to print it with the resin printer fully in one go, when I bring the fully assembled stl into meshmixer to hollow it , because the two rectangles are not connected to the main body, meshmixer removes them and leaves guns floating in mid air.

Hi Tibuck. I uploaded SLA specific versions. Fixed the 2 disjointed parts, I did keep separate the machineguns so you can position them later. Tracks and wheels are also updated for SLA printing. Hope this works.

You don't have to fit this if you don't want to im just letting you know nonetheless, there is a cylinder under the main Canon, it also isn't attach to any of the bodies and gets removed when auto fixed in meshmixer, personally I don't mind it not there.

I don't know why Meshmixer had such an issue with the bar under the barrel. I used Meshmixer to fix all the other parts of the model and now the V3-SLA should work perfectly. I verified in Meshmixer. Let me know if this works. I have a super high poly count version but that is about 120MB which is too crazy big. If you want that, PM me.

Thank you , we shall know for sure in a few days when I print it hehe thanks again for the extra effort.

Beautiful , make bonaparte from dominion is a beautiful one too. See you

Thanks for this great model!

Are you still having trouble with the turret? What do you mean by "floating"?

Don't mind me. I just learned how to use slic3r's support material. -.-
I was trying to print the file with no support at all, even when you clearly said "Print at 100 microns with support". I have no issues now.

Once again, thanks for this great model!

Hi ! First of all fantastic mode, I've been waiting for so many years to have my very own metal slug tank on my desk.

I tried to print this several times, everytime when I remove the supports it tears away a lot of the tracks chains. I printed it both halves at differents sizes and it's always the same.

Thank you so much

I added a new sliced version to the files. This will lay the tracks flat to print. I printed with dissolvable support on a Replicator 2X. Still a PITA but it worked. I will paint it soon after my D.Va Meka is finished.

Wow thank you for acting so fast.

I'll try it as soon as I can

Yes, the tracks are very delicate. What I do is I print with a raft and gently peal that off. When I have time, I will reinforce the tracks and make them stronger.

Even now I still mess up the tracks. When you upgrade the tracks could you just reply this so I can be notified please ?

Thank you so much, I really love this

Hi Jmaxime89. I uploaded new files which have a "solid" track where they won't break so easily. I printed it at 8% and worked great. Tracks are solid. I also updated the MG mounts and MG to have the wholes so you can pose the guns the way you want. Enjoy. I see your great print at 15%. Sorry, I couldn't find time to fix and upload sooner.

Wow thanks so much ! As soon as I print this I will post it in the make section !

You are a hero :D

Why not make the treads a separate piece, turning them so that the side facing inwards is on the bottom of the print?

Okay I'll give this a try.

Thanks so much for your time spent on this. I don't know if many people thanked you but I truly appreciate your hard work for this