REMIX - Aliens FaceHugger Egg From Babelibue for Agisis' FaceHugger (Near Life Size)

by entityunknown May 7, 2017
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STL has problems with S3D? Large parts are missing on slicing.

Hey. I recently printed the Agisis LIFE SIZE Face Hugger. Now i want an egg where it fits in. Is this egg as big as it should be to fit this life size monster?

If you hollow out the inner section so only the outer shell remains, it kind of fit but with force. and you'd have to hollow it out post print otherwise the upper section won't print right.

I have a TAZ 5 which has a Print Area: 290mm x 275mm x 250mm (11.4in x 10.8in x 9.8in)
This egg took up most of it.

If you want the face hugger to fit comfortably inside the egg you may be best off printing about 1.5x to 1.25x the original size which for my print area would require splitting the egg alone into 4 sections and then you'd glue them together later. This is pretty easy since I include the original blender files and of course you have the STLs.

The only reason I didn't go this route is because I wanted to be able to print the egg without any inner shell lines i.e. 0% infill and a 1 mm shell which would show through when I shine light through. You could just glue or plastic weld the shell anyways.

Either way I hope you have fun with your Facehugger and let me know if you need any more thoughts/suggestions here. If you print it out, post a pic too :)

Any chance of getting this quartered up for those of us who don't have that large a printing space?

I'm not sure if 1/4 will do. I think it'd have to be split 1/4 vertically and horizontally which is why I haven't since I don't understand the limitations of other build volumes. I figured all build volumes are usually a near 1:1 ratio of what I have hence why I figure it'll have to be 1/8th'd for just the egg itself while still printing out the 4 tendrils.
My build volume is:
Print Area: 290mm x 275mm x 250mm (11.4in x 10.8in x 9.8in)
The egg itself with the 1.2 scaling comes out to 190mm or 7.5".

So with that in mind, would this need to be 1/4rd across the horizontal, or would it need to be split in 1/4s across the horizontal and vertical?

Hi Guys great design I am a wargamer so reduced it by 90% and prints out great for 28mm Alien games :)
Thanks Andrew

Hope you don't mind, but I added a reference to your egg on my FaceHugger page near the top. They naturally go together.

That is awesome! I appreciate it and definitely do not mind! It's things like this that make a seemingly infinitely useful site into something that somehow proves to be so much more :)

Well hot damn, would you look at that. It's an egg. An Alien egg! It indeed looks like a good and proper home for the face hugger ;) Great work man, glad to see folks carrying the torch forward.

P.S. been coding 7 days a week almost all day every day and night for the last couple weeks so don't feel like I forgot, just overwhelmed and temporarily forgot ;)

Thank you very much and I guess somehow I never replied! I really appreciate the kudos and definitely kudos to you for the inspiration to start with. The FaceHugger hangs from the chandelier to greet the guests as they walk in and the egg sits on the upper corner wall/shelf thing so it's all in peripheral view but not direct :)

One note about the egg size. This thing is HUGE! BUT in the end I'd call it 1/3 scale and I'm guessing your model would be about 1/2 scale so it's just slightly smaller but takes up almost the entire build volume of my TAZ 5.
With a 12x12 build plate I think if you split the Egg in half and print it that way, you could get a match scale to your model. It'd be a pretty close fit for sure and if you hollowed out the inner shell then it'd definitely fit.
Otherwise I foresee a need to split the egg into 4 quads looking down onto it i.e. from above. If it's split to work with the split tendrils then this shouldn't be a bad print.
Only issue with any of this is you will be using adhesive to attach the egg together and you will not get the complete hollowed out inside when printing with 0% infill without some extra work.
You'll be printing this for probably a week if you're goin for detail ;)
OR You could become the owner of a really big, probably not priced for consumers 3d printer ;)

I shall see. My printer can do 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 x 14" so it's a bit more limited. I modeled and printed a wearable Gundam helmet for my brother (he's into full scale cosplay with electronics and sound), but that's probably only 1/3 as big as a good sized egg. I'll have to put some thought into how I would approach it. I've just got to finish this game were writing first before I launch into any other distractions. We've been at it for almost 2 years now....sigh.

bout how long I'm into this coding project but it's solo and probably a lot less overall time ;) It's just when I get into it and get into the groove, I'm stuck here for a couple weeks till I have what I consider everything good enough for now. So hard to get to that point but if I "finished" I'd never be done ;)

Once I am done next year with the game I've been working on, I'm going to print this beast. It looks to be as involved a project as printing the face hugger is. I can't wait.

You should hollow it out so you can place a light source inside of it with top closed.

That's why it's printed with 0% infill with the specific egg for doing the 0%. I do want to remove the entire inner shell but the upper portion of the inner shell is necessary to connect and build the openings of the egg. So from here it should just be a Dremel to cut it out right below the "leaves" on the inner shell to the bottom and the fill/connect with an appropriate adhesive/epoxy/putty.
The reason I am not necessarily wanting to do that is I filled the shell with water and it it water tight after coating the inner shell with the ABS/Acetone mix. So now I might just fill it with Ajax yellow soap and water and then permanently seal it. ABS can handle soap and water forever so as long as the coating is 100% everywhere, this should hold if I seal it.
We'll see, as said still WIP :)
I will say the model itself is complete though, it's just the post production that's not.
The only two things I wish I had done from the beginning are:
-Add at least 4 more smaller tentacles in between the larger ones
-SubSurf the lower half of the egg I merged more than I did in order to give better sculpting and figure out how to pinch up the sculpt lines I did with ease.

To the first 13 or so downloads, I apologize but I was getting my files together. Y'all are fast!

Either way you can see the download count and from this comment on, I'd like to say things are ok! Until of course someone posts a comment saying something broke... ;)