Print-in-Place Robotic Gripper

by XYZAidan May 8, 2017
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Lots of comments asking for other CAD formats. Before I knew what this was, I converted an STL file into SOLIDWORKS (2018), and STEP formats over on GrabCAD.
Download then if you need them: https://grabcad.com/questions/stl-file-to-stp

Ugh, 123 is obsolete. Can you export as something else editable and post?
I want to make a 2 leg version. It's great!

I would also appreciate a step file of some kind for easy editing.

I would like to turn this in a 6 legged parallel style gripper.

Hey, love the design, great work!
I was just wondering if you could modify the bottom layer to be 0.5mm thicker so thats a bit easier to print, I know it will affect strength of the grip but im interested in grabbing light and delicate things with.
Anyway, thanks for sharing cool ideas!

Thanks! I've uploaded the .123dx file in case you'd like to modify it.

Awesome! I manage to print it anyway but I would like some more resistance. Will post made when I get the circle for the servo.
Keep the good work!

You could probably do this without the ninjaflex. Maybe ABS or PLA you will need to add hinges though.

True, although it reduce the simplicity of the bot.

Yes, you are right. I was thinking of a tougher arm haha I guess I just love killer robots a lot haha.

Who doesn't love killer robots? :)

That's a very clever design.

Cool! Thanks for taking the time to share and provide instructions.

No problem! I'm glad you appreciate it.