64mm Brushless Tiny Whoop

by THATDONFC May 8, 2017
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can you share the f3d files from Fusion 360? I need to make a few modifications. Thanks!

Great design, sourcing parts in the UK seems quite difficult though!

hi, i really like this design! its awesome, and thanks a lot for making and sharing it!
I currently have a carbon fiber 2mm frame, and i was thinking to switch over to this design since it has a prop guard.
My request is big, since i cannot make such designs... Could you make a version of this to fit with the classic 31mm tiny whoop props. i don't mind if the wheelbase will be smaller, or the same, i just want to use the smaller props, because they work fine for me with the 0703 20kkv motors. I know the end result will be heavier than the carbon, but i don't mind since the cf frame i have does not include the prop guard.

Thanks a lot, and keep up the good work!! ;)


What are the nuts/bolts you are using for to hold these together? thank you :)

Sorry, I lost track of this page. All hardware is 2mm nylon.

I know it's late but to me they just look like PCB plastic standoffs :)

Hi - do you have a source for the pepperfish ESP and Fc? Google is not helpful.


How do you find the performance with the 10000KV motors? I've been told that 40mm props are too small for them..

I've printed the frame in PETG and it looks great but I'm not sure whether to use the 10000KV motors I have or wait for 15000KV motors that I've ordered. I will be using a 500mAh battery and FX789T AIO cam.

I'm not looking for stellar performance, just a nice little quad for indoors.

And last question, did you use stock PIDs?

Thanks for sharing this neat frame!

I used stock PIDs. The 10k motors seemed fine. I used a whoop battery with the jst ph 2.0 connector. Anything else seems too heavy. Let me know how the 15k motors work out!

Any chance you have a vtx cam mount for it? 16 x 16? :)

Camera mount is up!

I don't. I've been meaning to get to it. I'll try to get one by the end of the day.

Thank YOU !
Will give it a try to see how it will hold up

You are very welcome! Let me know how it goes.