Minimalistic spool roller.

by whosawhatsis May 14, 2012
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Great idea! I'm concerned about moisture and want to build a cabinet to hold my reels and keep them dry. The first ideas I looked at for reel storage involved pipes or rods going through a number of reels. Of course, that's easy, but it makes changing reels a little hard, especially if they are in a "box". Using your idea, each reel in my cabinet would have it's own "space" which makes re-winding and changing reels easier. There might be alternate ways to suspend each reel from it's hub to isolate it from it's "neighbors", but, I think that would take more space as well as material to implement. So, my plan is to build a box with 2 "shelves", each capable of holding 4 reels and build 8 copies of your design. The bearings are relatively cheap on Amazon.

Changing and feeding the lower reels could be a problem but I think I can work around that by making the top "shelf" "slide out". Humidity meters and dessicant are also relatively cheap. I know I'm probably paranoid, but there are so many variables in making a good 3d print that it seems reasonable to control what you can. If I get something done, I will post is here. Thanks, again, for sharing your idea.

Minimalistic indeed!

I modded it a bit, added some feet to help it not lift off my printbed, along with some guides to give my 608s something to sit on that was not threaded metal. I goofed a bit on my first print, not thinking that I needed to adjust the height after specifying the size of the bearings.

Works a treat, for the first time I've been able to make some unattended prints. Thanks!