Shimano press fit bottom bracket tool

by TunnelVision May 8, 2017
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I have made a tool, it has worked perfectly to install, but it has not worked for the extraction, the seat lip is deformed. Used in Shimano BB-MT500.

I have designed a larger collet to solve this problem. You can see it here:


Herramienta pedalier Shimano press fit BB-MT500-PA - Shimano press fit bottom bracket BB-MT500-PA tool
by jebe01

Hi, I've used this tool with a bb92, and worked flawlessly, and would like to modify it to be able to use with a BB30 frame.
Could you post the sketch files (ie .SLDPRT, .F3D, ...) so I can resize the necessary parts and not have to redesign the whole tool?

unfortunately this did not work for my race face bb92 BB. I am going to make a small adjustment to the split collet so it will be big enough to grab my raceface BB.

Just curious if you ever actually tried this out. Got a raceface BB92 BB that's started creaking

Beautiful design, and nice approach for pushing out the bearing vs just hitting it with a hammer. I've been thinking about doing something like this for a PF30 and was just planning on the "whack it with a hammer" approach but wasn't sure how well the collet would handle that. Using the press for removal should be gentler, I think.

I should point out that I copied the collet/expander rod design from the Enduro (and other brand) tools.

Oh yeah, I've got an Enduro tool for the thread-in Shimano external BBs and recognized the design immediately, and was planning on copying the design as well!

Hi, How do I print with the files ? Do I only send the .stl files to my 3d printer via mac viewer and it will print by itself at the correct size ? I am new to 3D printing and your tool is very interesting

If you have a 3D printer you probably already know how to go from an STL to a print but the general steps are: open the STL(s) in your slicer software (Cura, Simplify3D etc); apply some settings for your chosen filament; generate a G-code file; run that file on your printer. Dimensions will be preserved as long as you don't scale the model baring small variations which could affect how well parts fit together.

Very usefull tool. What percent of infill you use and what material, PLA or ABS?

I used PLA; I can't remember the infill % but I would guess around 35%. Strength comes from the large diameter washers and installation/removal shouldn't need much force.

I should perhaps have said that the infill % might depend on how many times this needs to be used i.e. it might last longer with more infill but for most people replacing a bottom bracket isn't something you do everyday.

Comments deleted.

Will this work for Sram too?

SRAM has a mismatched bearing size, 24mm and 22mm. Shimano is 24mm on both sides. So, this would work for one side of a SRAM bottom bracket, but probably not fit the other.

Unfortunately I don't know enough about SRAM's bottom brackets to answer that.

I made this in order to fit a new bottom bracket in a Canyon frame which uses the Shimano press fit standard.