Precision Tool Holder

by designrama Jan 20, 2014
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Been using this for a few months now and it is a brilliant design!

Anyone else got a 1mm nozzle on their machine? The base and hangers print great at fast. But the tray walls are 1mm and no combination of settings I can work out in Cura or S3D are successful: There is always a thin wall portion somewhere that doesn't render/print. That includes "Print thin walls" and "allow single extrusion lines". Even tried 'Spiralize'(vase mode) with no luck: the thin 1mm lines are nearly invisible to the slicers.

You may just need to use a smaller nozzle. What is your extrusion width set to? If it's greater than 1mm that could be causing your problems.

1mm nozzle... 1mm line width... 100% for all width settings I know of. 0% for all expansion settings I know of. I'm actually surprised it does't render the 1mm walls. And its not just Cura. Simplify3D does the same thing. It seems odd to me.

I'm not going through the bother of swapping nozzles for one object when everything else prints fine and the machine is 'dialed in' so perfectly right now in all other respects. Its just the trays doing this. So I will still use the one I printed for pliers and other tools.

I might scaling up everything by 5%. That will make the 1mm walls 1.05mm and thus no longer "thin" relative to the nozzle size. I can put everything on the bed and print it all overnight in about 6 1/2 hours. So it would be done when I wake up.

I liked it so much I made 2, glued them back to back and mounted it all on a slew bearing.

I have loaded pics of my make so you can see what I made.

Great design and with Fusion 360 and Slic3r a very flexible design.

Is the body printed upside down, and if so, do you really need the top plate part as well?

Yes, print body upside-down as shown in the 3d view. Top plate is an aesthetic piece, you can skip it. Thanks.

Comments deleted.

This is a ridiculously long print at 0.2mm, but the resulting item is great. Still a few bits left to print here, but so far so good, and it's by far my longest print ever (main unit and 3 long inserts) will end up taking about 17 hours

Over 24 hours for the full print, but excellent tool. Will post a pic of it later :)

Thank you for keeping my working space organised!

Ahh, printing on an M2 as well I see! :) I love my M2!! Nice tool organizer!

Thanks! M2 is pretty sweet. I did a fast print, it shows. lol