T. Rex Easy Print and Glue

by QuickbeamX May 9, 2017
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Is there any way you could share a picture of your meshmixer settings? I am printing this T Rex and I love the supports included. I was just wanting to do this for other STL files that I have.

I'm afraid I don't have the file anymore. I made it so long ago, I wouldn't remember the settings to be honest. Good luck!

the trex body base is not flat, cause problem when printing without support

The base on the body is flat, I just checked. Maybe try downloading it again?

thanks for the reply, i forgot to mention that i scaled 200%, the problem happens only when scaled, i'm also using 0.08mm layer height
i have retested and the same thing happens

OK, I tested it scaled and I saw what you meant. I ran it through windows 3d builder and settled the part flat, so it shouldn't do that anymore.

it seems ok. Thanks for the others (i already layed flat on cura after my first failed print :) )

What is the size of the model???

After assembly, the model is about 250mm long, 122mm wide, and 141mm tall.

Hi there QuickbeamX! Thanks for the awesome model! I am planning to print just the head at around 35-40cm (height), however the design won't come out as awesome as it should (as it loses detail as you scale it up), could you upload a version of just the head for bigger prints? Thanks in advance!

Hello! can you make a file with the T-Rex complete and not in several pieces?

Tanks you!

I remixed this from the original model which is whole.


Tyrannosaurus Rex Figurine 3D Scan
by 3DWP

hey nice model! could you post a fully assembled model? it would be easier / faster to print on a SLA/DLP printer
thanks :)

Thanks! Take a look at the original thing that I remixed this from. It should be what you're looking for.

the dinosaur is beautiful
I thought you might be interested in my project, it's a lamp printer.
what do you say?
thanks bye

Prints very nicely and fits together perfectly. Lovely t-rex model.

Thanks! Don't forget to post a pic of the print.

is this missing part of the neck ? The head doesn't fit

I have downloaded the parts again and re-printed the body part and the error still seems to be there. Coud you check them on your side pls. Maybe there was a problem uploading them

I just downloaded and it sliced fine. I'm not sure what to tell you. Perhaps it's your slicer? I pretty much use Slic3r PE exclusively and don't have a problem with it. Did you try running it through Windows 3d builder repair?


Part of the neck is attached to the body, if that's what you are asking.

The way it's cut it doesn't fit togheter :( appart of that the detail looks awesome.

Pls check image


That's pretty unusual. Check if the file was corrupted during the download. My printed pieces fit together just fine. The part where the arms connects to the head should be perfectly flat whereas in the picture it looks curved. I've personally had quite a few models from Thingiverse download poorly and I end up having to run it through Windows 3d builder and repair the mesh before slicing. Hopefully that solves the issue.

Thx. I never had that happen so I didn't know. I'll give it another try.

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