Helix antenna for Outernet

by Way May 10, 2017
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That is so cool!!!!

Do you have any more information we can use to setup our outernet?
Disregard...found something https://github.com/Outernet-Project/orx-rpi

Be careful, because Outernet is changing the frequency, so I don't know if this antenna is still will working well.

These are the frequencies I saw last

I-4 F3 Americas at 98°W covers North, South, Central America, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

Outernet Frequency: 1539.8725 MHz

Alphasat at 25°E covers Europe, Africa, Middle East, East Asia, Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

Outernet Frequency: 1545.94 MHz

I-4 F1 APAC (Asia-Pacific) at 144.0°E covers Asia, Australia, Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Outernet Frequency: 1545.9525 MHz

Nice design! I would think your SNR would be much better. I made a helix out of a 2" PVC pipe and lots of hotglue. It is half the length yours is and I am getting 10-11 SNR. Did you check your plastic material for RF absorption? Put a sample part in a microwave oven, with a cup of water, for 30 seconds. Does it get warm? If so, something in the plastic material is absorbing RF.

Interesting, but You use standard LNA and L-band SAW filter from Outernet shop? Because I used only one LNA4All, that give me 16dB of gain (Outernet LNA have 32dB!).
Hint with microwave oven for check RF absorption is awesome! I will check it definitely.