Indiana Jones Chachapoyan Fertility Idol

by McKrats Jun 6, 2017
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For this to start printing properly i lowered it by 1mm on x axis in cura. and started great.

Hello McKrats
This will be my first model I will print with my new U20 (it's still in the box)

I got a stupid question: How to split that in 2 parts with Cura ?

Also do you have a method for applying gold leaf on it ? I really like your result with this method !


I'm afraid I can't help you with Cura, it's not a piece of software I've used.

With regard to gold leafing the idol I'm still in the process of writing a blog article about it. In the mean time my progress is recorded in a thread on the RPF here:


Thank you for your reply i will read the article about gold leaf
What software do you use to split the pieces? Thanks again

I used a trial version of 3ds max but I'm pretty sure there are better and simpler ways to slice things for printing. Have a Google or ask on the forums.

Just gone to print this but it looks like the Head LHS and RHS are slightly different sizes by about 3mm

In which dimension? The model is asymmetrical, as is the original. I've not double-checked the STLs so you could be entirely right. I'll look into it when I get a mo.

Did you ever find the cause? I might be having a similar issue. I printed left and right, scaled by the same amount but I have a difference of 2-3mm in the Y axis. When I import into Cura the model is microscopic, I have to scale a huge amount (2400%). Maybe errors creeping in? Printed both halves in the same orientation on the printer.

Sorry about that Hendrik, I've just examined the models and it appears the left side (top and bottom) is slightly different to the right in the one dimension noted. I have absolutely no idea how this error was introduced, nor how I managed to print my full sized version using the same files. I'll remove the quarter models for the time being whilst I work out a way to slice it properly.

I think this model is cursed for me. First print I accidentally turned off infill. Second print broke my glass plate. Third was good but the sides don’t match. :-(. Never give up, never surrender.

Sorry I've contributed to your pain. If it's any consolation, after weeks of sanding, prep and finishing mine fell off a shelf smashing one of the legs. Didn't even get to take a beauty shot of the finished model. I've repaired the damage but it's taken months trying to prime and sand it back. The layer of glue I used to apply the gold finish is unstable so if there's any on there when I apply paint it just cracks and I have to sand it again... Hopefully get a nice pic up sometime in the new year.

Did you use something to smooth the surface, like Bondo?

Hi Jon, yes I used car bodyfiller, a can of spray filler/primer and lots of sanding to smooth out the surface.


I am reaching out, hoping you could help. I have tried to take your file and remove the eyes, hallow out the body and slice it in half, just so I can add glass eyes that follow you. Similar to what happens in the movie. Meshmixer fights me and when I try to import it into Fusion 360, I lose the quality, you have put into the file. I am asking, if there is a way, you could remove the eyes for me. I am still learning, but I am really not getting to far. If not, no worries.

Thank you in advance,


Hi Monk,
I've had a go at hollowing the model but my software's not cooperating. I will take another look at this as setting eyes in the model is something I would quite like to achieve but it's not looking like a simple task.

Comments deleted.

That's a really constructive comment Jean-pole. Why don't you go back to printing vases and stop bothering folks with your ugly and stupid attitude?

McKrats- you did an awesome job I'm afraid to take this thing off the print bed!

What's the point in printing this? Belloq is going to take it by force anyway

In the cover image, is it the gold leaf or the gold spray paint?

That's the gold leaf.

i have an important question.when i print your idol on pla filament,can i paint the idol with the acrylic paint or can i use other paints? im asking because im ready to buy mp select mini 3d printer and im still dont know some things.

Everyone probably already knows this but this idol was loosely copied from an artifact of questionable authenticity: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dumbarton_Oaks_birthing_figure

You mention "mirror leaf" but searching for this only seems to net leaf decorated mirrors even if I include quotes.. Do you have any tips on where/how I can find it or a link?

Try searching Amazon for Gedeo Mirror Effect Leaf.

Awesome, thanks!

Is there an stl for this?

...and there is now a correctly scaled STL.

Not at the moment although a quick google revealed a number of websites/programs that can make the conversion for free.

Have you figured out how much sand needs to go into the bag to avoid setting off the booby traps?

Hehehehehe! A pound of flesh!

Great work!
What do you think are the correct dimensions?
You 'work in progress' photo shows a bigger statue then the stl file.

I'm lead to believe the accurate size is about 8" (200mm) tall.

Full size is 7.5 inches tall, 4.25 inches wide by 5 inches deep. Tried that and wont fit my bed :(

I’m told that the majority of idols “cast from screen used originals” are casts of casts from a copy that was kept at ILM. Due to shrinkage of each successive generation these are all somewhat smaller than the actual prop.

As best I can tell the actual dimensions should be approximately 19.5cm tall x 12cm wide x 14cm, maybe even slightly larger.

It wouldn't fit my bed either so I printed it in quarters :)