Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

anatomically correct poseable action figure for drawing

by Denes May 11, 2017
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Im wondering if you could get a DAZ / human model and hollow it with the original doll shape, so if anybody with flexible material find this handy could print a "muscle layer"? that can be put over it?

Note to moderators: My comment probably was flagged for excessive editing. This was due to excessive perfectionism. I kept noticing more factual errors in a document I was attaching.

The comment: Nifty model. I agree that the opaque filenames are frustrating. I printed out everything and it was hard to sort them all out. So I put together the attached table and image. I hope they help. It would be really helpful if Denes, the designer, deleted the obsolete files and renamed the others, like "Femur_ver2.stl".

Thanks for the feedback, and yes i agree :) Tinkercad unfortunately doesn't offer changing the filename when exporting a part (or at least didn't at the time when i exported it, hope they updated it since) and i didn't take the time to rename them one by one. Also i didn't delete older versions when i uploaded extras so yeah I guess i should do some spring cleaning on it now :)

Nifty little model. But I agree that the opaque filenames are frustrating. I printed them all and then found multiple versions of limb bones, hands, feet, and skulls. It was not easy to figure out. It appears that some of the parts have been replaced by better versions but then not deleted. Also, there are two nearly duplicate parts that might be from aliens, unless they're meant to simplify the pelvis.

Actually, on rereading the Thing Details, I realize the designer explained a lot of this. It just would have been helpful to delete the obsolete files and rename all of them like "Femur_ver2.stl"

So I made the attached PDF with a table and image. I hope it helps.

Very nice. I agree naming could be better, but it's pretty easy to figure out once it's on the plate in the slicer. Mine came out a bit too floppy though, I gues that's just how it is with FDM printeres and varying tolerances. I'll try scaling up some of the spheres and see if I can make it a bit more snug.

I have no idea what is what, in the slicer i have no idea what the hell is going on, "FigureDrawing" Is not a great name for STL files, especially when ALL files are named that...

Seriously, without instructions or video or even names! This makes it far too annoying to print.

Hi, could you describe which body part is in each file? I'm trying to work out what files I need to print, to make this. Thanks :)

Awesome work, thank you very much. One request: please label the parts, it would make it a lot more convenient to select. :)

Sans! Is that a HUMAN?! Nye he he

Nice job! Though I want to be able to change the proportions a little. What can I do to have it be 6, or 7-7.5 heads tall?

Well, there's no simple answer i think; if you mean the classic character age based transition a bunch of proportions change together. The simplest approach would be making a set of shorter bones and larger heads, keeping the body size. I wanted to make a few variations, including a female counterpart, just didn't get to it yet. Shouldn't take too long.
I might get some spare time this weekend or early next week but if you prefer not to wait for me, you could import parts into Tinkercad and modify them.

If you need a bit more flex range in some joints (or maybe an articulated spine?), I remixed a few pieces crudely from modibot. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2222859

If your joints are the same, they should work without any modding. Feel free to mod mine, just make sure to give some props to Kidmechano and keep the license the same.

ModiBot Mo extra flex connectors

Nice work! Did you build it in Tinkercad?

Yes indeed. i guess it's visible :) Sometimes it feels a bit limited but pretty quick to build things and i do a lot of prototyping so it's pretty good for that.

Yeah, Tinkercad, is great for quick iteration. I'm on the dev team for it at Autodesk, but I've been using it for a long time because of how quickly I can build forms and test them on the printer.

Its a sweet design. I couldn't really tell that it was done in Tinkercad, I just noticed in your profile that its one of the programs you use.

You're on the dev team? That's awesome, good job guys. :) But you know what this means? Now i can bombard you with requests ;)

Just kidding. :) Although... there's pretty much one feature that's painfully missing and my programmer gut says it would probably be easy to implement, and that's modifying shapes beyond scaling and rotation.

I know, not being poligon based puts moving individual vertices or edges out of the question, but if it was possible to do bounding-box-level deformations, like the quadratic modes in the classic meshless deformation paper (found it, here: https://www.cs.drexel.edu/~david/Classes/Papers/MeshlessDeformations_SIG05.pdf), that would open up a whole new world of possibilities.
I could probably write a shape generator to make a deformable cube or "spline pebble", but... that said, allowing shape generators to MODIFY a shape instead of building one from scratch, now that would be brilliant. :) The community would do the rest of the job :)

Yes, we've gotten a few requests for a sort of 'organic' deformer like this. Its certainly feasible, but not on the current roadmap.

You can see an example of the first level deformer by one of our top Shape Generator contributors. Check it out- https://tinkercad.com/things/37IHbLBhmA9

Oh nice, something like that; so it IS possible for a shape generator to operate on an existing model! If only all my wishes would be fulfilled this quickly :)
Ok i can use this as an example and make the one i have in mind; thanks a lot!

Nice one buddy, as mentioned I'm gonna print one :-D

This one is just perfect for artists, thank you my friend :)