SwitchRest - Nintendo Switch Headrest

by benmarte May 11, 2017
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What car did you make this for? Because my car doesn't seem to fit the same dimensions.

It fits both my Audi and toyota which is why the rails have a bit of spacing so they can more or less fit any car.

I made a remix that uses a dovetail rail instead of the two small supporting pieces. The pieces didn't fit in the holes for me, but I also find them to be a bit troublesome, being easy to lose, a choking hazard and hard to fit unless tolerance is just right. Didn't realise that you had a non-derivative license, so if you want I could give it to you if you just give a small credit somewhere. I'm just going to use it for myself otherwise.

Anyway great print, it will come in handy, make car rides a lot more fun =)

Hey there, do you have the stl for your remix? i don't see any remixes listed here, I like the version you have.

Unfortunately I can't do so, because the author's license doesn't allow this

The rails are a tad too wide. I bent my nail backwards trying to remove the switch from one rail and couldn’t even attach the second.

I wanted to let you know that someone is selling your design on Etsy and using your photos. They even put a trademark symbol after your "switchrest" in their title. If you can please take a minute to report this listing to Etsy. The link to report is at the bottom of the listing page.


I wanted to let you know that someone is selling your design on Etsy and using your photos. They even put a trademark symbol after your "switchrest" in their title. If you can please take a minute to report this listing to Etsy. The link to report is at the bottom of the listing page.

Thanks for making me aware of this, I already reported the item to Etsy.

Awesome! Thanks so much for taking the time to report him. The more people that report him the better chance of taking him down. When Etsy takes your design down just keep checking his site. He has put my designs back up twice now.
Your stuff is probably also on mercari.com. He has a duplicate store there too.

He put up my designs five times!!!! I am tired of him and hate him!!!

Etsy won't do anything about it they are saying I need to hire a lawyer!!!!!!!!!!!!n I CAN'TT AAFFORDD THAT!!!

Remind etsy that they are responsible for illegal activity on their website.

Hey man, your switch_rest_complete.STL is most definitely NOT COMPLETE. See my photo of the file imported in Cura.

Thanks for letting me know I updated the file and it is fact complete now LOL, thanks again.

Haha... Looks good now. We printed one. Kids absolutely LOVE it. Thanks for such an awesome design.
Only one critique though - those switch rest rails are crazy tight man! I had to file them down so they'd slide on. No seriously, before filing I was afraid I was going to cut my hand open trying to shove the plastic down onto the female part of the rail system on the switch. I'd be concerned about it damaging the inside of the rail. Could just be a tolerance thing depending on your print settings - but maybe just put a note that if they seem excessively tight sliding on, file it down a bit.

I'm off to print #2 now. One for each kid!

Great design. Thanks for sharing! Printed this for my kid and it fits snug.

I am going on a trip with some friends in 2 weeks. This is exactly what I need. Thanks so much!

When I load the right portion of this into the latest ( 1.39.1 ) version of Slic3r Prusa Edition, the section with the letters shows up as a void and slic3r wants to fill it in with support material. It does not seem to happen in Cura 3.2.1. Does anyone have a fix for this as I get better prints from slic3r prusa edition than I do from Cura.

It should print fine with the supports so don’t worry about it.

I use S3D and it also had supports.

thank you and thank god for you i love this

The locks are very tight, so we printed the locks with

x = 88% y = 90% z = 100%

That works great for us, also with only 10% Infill

Thank You for that usefull Item :)

How did you guys remove the suport structure on the "slider"? I cannot remove it without causing dmg...

Rails were too large, can't get the switch to slide in. Might reprint at 98%

Was 98% a good fit? Just printed at 100% and the rails were too big for me as well.

Lol I have spent at least 8 hours of my life trying to make one of these that adjusts. Sigh

Why use the removable locks and not just a solid "floor piece"? tolorance for lock pieces are too tight, even ABS at 100% just breaks when the parts are inserted.

You need to sand or file the locks so they don't break the headrests.

How would you insert the switch if the bottom is solid?

awesome design. I'm printing it right now.
btw, did you think about making it customizable via Thingiverse Customizer?

Not entirely sure what you mean I went ahead and added 3D Slash app access for customization if thats what you meant.

I'm currently printing this at a 50% infill; do you think this should be enough to prevent breaking after pulling it out?

Hard to say, I had issues with anything that wasn't 100% infill then again I was having issues with my printer where my spool was too big for the holder and was causing vibrations.

I plan on revising this and adding locks to the bottom to prevent the switch from falling after the rails get smooth after continuous use.

So check back in a few days.

I don't see anything on the model clipping onto the side brackets. What prevents the switch from sliding off of these onto the floor?

Thanks to your suggestion I made some updates to this, it is much more secure now I hope you like it.


The rails are very tight, you would need to print it in order to see how it works. Trust me it is very, very tight.