Elf Archer Bust

by midost May 12, 2017
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Printed awesome at .04 layer height, one of the hair bits on the left side snapped off but it doesn't affect the quality of the print. 50 mm size, hatchbox pla used on pursa i3. Line suppourts used built by cura.

Woweee! Those details are amazing! What’s your nozzle diameter?

Very Nice Sculpt. Not only for miniature printing. Printed it in 300% scale. Awesome details.

Fantastic Sculpt. This shows the difference between 3D Sculpts and 3D Sculpts designed for printing. I modified the eyes to spheres on my make to cater for miniature painting since painters like to have the option to choose where the eyes are looking.

Great work best quality ever.. Printed twice on Prusa MK3 with grey PLA once on back with supports a bit untidy but can be cleaned up and up right on stand no supports under chin and arms needs fill.. painted her gold looks fantastic.. printed at 350%

I printed this with wood PLA at 300% turned face up on its back and I know this was designed for rosin printing but it turned out very well. the back where the supports connected was a bit rough but you can't see that any way. it looks great. this is a absolutely beautiful design

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Beautiful work, thank you for sharing. 3D print noob with a Prusa Mk 3. Will print this for my Granddaughter, a big fan or elves of any sort.

Naya and zdbrush are new to me, looking forward to checking them out.

I tried printing this out, but trying to remove the supports was brutal. The model starts as face down (ish) and I'm wondering if it would be better to flip her over?

I must be doing something wrong?

Hello, HeroXero! This model is just the export straight from maya, which Thingiverse seems to like to have the z axis pointing down (which is the front view in maya).

Feel free to orient her any direction you think will print best in your printer's software.

What programs you use to great that 3d model? I't is so chool, i want try myself to make someting like that!

Hi, Kallio3! I use a combination of Maya and Zbrush, mostly zbrush in this case. This piece was done for an ArtStation Challenge, originally, where I documented the process: https://www.artstation.com/contests/the-journey/challenges/2/submissions/624

Now, this is Art. Great Job.

Printed with Tevo Tarantula 0.1 20% infill NICE
Printed with Original Prusa i3 mk2 0.1 20%infill REALLY COOL
But the same problem with the support. Could you please make a .stl file only brides?
little one on the arrow side is what i need, but I read in Made section that lot of people have problem with the 2 little one brides and the end of the big one.

Thank you
This is the coolest free design in all thingiverse and other similar webs
Love it since the first day I saw it. Did you make more designs like this? It's awesome.

downloaded i will print this and post pics for you asap. :)