Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

"Waterlily" Inspired 3D Printable Turbine

by Simulatedbog545 May 12, 2017
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I downloaded the file. I do not see where the files are attached for where it can be edited.

I think to make the device waterproof you can use the liquid rubber coat from Flex Seal, there is even transparent... should work...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kq6fJkLv3Hc :)

Why not increase the size slightly and put a nema stepper motor inside the cone of the propeller? As long as you have the motor housed such that water will pass completely over the motor housing without getting in then further waterproofing shouldn't be necessary. Also, the bearings and shaft of the motor should be sufficient for this design so that you dont need to add external bearings (especially if the water is directed more/less evenly onto all the blades at the same time).

Hey, thanks for the suggestion, I would love to give it a try. My only issue is, I have already filled the build volume of my printer, and I can't really print it any larger. I could print it in multiple parts, but that would likely make the waterproofing job even harder. As for why there is a horizontal support, it originally snapped the mount on the inside of the proppeller off when spinning it extremely fast, but with a stepper motor, the shaft is bigger, so it shouldn't be as much of an issue.

How do you incorporate a motor into your current design when using it under water?

As of right now, I haven't quite figured it out for underwater, as it would be quite hard to waterproof the entire motor. As of right now, I have thought of 2 solutions. You can either buy a RC boat motor, like this one (https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-xk2430-5300kv-brushless-inrunner.html), which as far as I know is waterproof. Otherwise, you can make your own generator by winding your own coils and making your own motor. This will be waterproof if you use insulated wire in the coil. I am working on this right now, and will try and get back to you about it.

Hi, just stumbled over your project and I know you either found a way to waterproof your motor or you have put this project on the shelf by now, but just a tip..
all the motors out there use insulated wire in their coil, but brushed motors are not very good choise in underwater motors, but on the other hand, brushless motors are by design completely watertight, as it has no open electrical surfaces, the only "weak spot" is the connection between the coil wiring and the motor wiring, but in fresh water you should see no problem there as well..
But with a brushless motor you will get a 3phase AC output, and you will most likely need to get a converter to DC.

annyway, good luck :)