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by Cleansweep9 May 13, 2017
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Can anybody tell me if it is possible to snap it back open again after closing it shut? At some point I'd like to route a camera cable in there but I don't want to have to pry it open later. Thanks a lot!

I've opened and closed my cases multiple times without problems. Takes a little force to pop it open again, but nothing has broken yet.

I printed my cases in either ABS or PETG, though. Haven't tried PLA, which is generally more brittle that those two. PETG works really well for snapping the cases open and closed.

that's brilliant! Thanks a lot :)

First of all thanks for making this! Secondly is the bottom supposed to be a really tight fit? Third: I have a rasp pi 3 B+ and I noticed your description suggests pi B, I think they are the same PCB though, can you confirm your pi is a B?

I haven't been able to fit the bottom unfortunately, is there a trick to it?

Yeah, I'm using Raspi 3B (not plus).

Mine snapped in nice and tight. If you can't make it fit, you might trying scaling the model up by a couple percentage points and reprinting.

Alternatively, if the "posts" on the bottom are a little blobby (I had to turn cooling on high to get good detail on those small features) you can just use snips to trim them down a little to fit in the PCB board holes.

Are you able to use the GPIO pins with this case? I really like it, but I have a few rf plugs I use with HA and the transmitter and receiver are hooked up on the GPIO pins.
Looks great so I hope I can at least modify it to work. Thanks!

Hi Rms355!

There is a bit of room between the GPIO pins and the case, which would probably accomodate a low-profile dongle, but I wasn't intending this case to work with GPIO accessories.

Feel free to use the tinkercad links in the description to modify the design!