Anet A8 E3D V6 Direct Mount

by pheneeny May 13, 2017
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Hello Pheneeny ! I love your mount and several of your other things such as the AM8.

I ordered a bondtech extruder today. I wonder if it will be compatible with this mount ?

Thanks so much for the awesome parts you design for us

The mount is great- thank you. I had to shave an extra mm off the shortened BLtouch mount in order to get the correct distance between nozzle and probe. Anyone found a fan stl that works with this without any modification? The suggested one didn't fit for some reason.

This design got me to dig up the E3D V6 clone I had ordered a while ago. I'm still in the middle of installing everything, but one slight issue I noticed: It seems to me as if the belt mount screw holes are not exactly in the same places as in the original metal L-piece. As a consequence the belt mount thingie I have used does not fit anymore. Can you please check and update the thing if needed. (I will probably make this modification also myself when I have time.)

Thanks for this very relevant design!

Here's now my remix with six M3 holes for mounting the X-belt holder.

Accommodates now this x-belt holder https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1666094 without any problems.

Anet_A8_E3D_V6_Direct_Mount remix for Prusa i3 x axis belt holder

Prusa i3 x axis belt holder
Anet_A8_E3D_V6_Direct_Mount remix for Prusa i3 x axis belt holder

Quick update: I already have the remixed design, in which the location of the belt attach screw holes are in the same place as in my original metal carriage. (Also added four more holes for the same that were missing from the original.) I'll publish the remix this evening.

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Is it compatible with the e3d v6 clone?

Does this work with the lite 6 hotend as well?

I haven't tested it personally, but the mount size should be the same between the lite and V6, so it should work fine.

I've just published a remix of the bltouch mount which raises it by a further 2mm and moves if closer to the nozzle as well.


Be aware that I'm using the cooling duct that Pheneeny recommends, so moving the BLTouch closer to the nozzle causes no problems, but this may not work for you if you're using a different duct.

Anet A8 E3D V6 Clamp BL Touch remix

Almost forgot.
My E3D clone arrived today.
Just waiting for some PETG to make this.
Has anyone fitted this to the latest Anet A8? The hole centres on the bearing blocks are apparently 1mm further apart?
I haven't had chance to measure mine because I obviously still have the standard extruder currently installed.
Thanks :)


I'm looking to make this amazing mount and upgrade to an E3D.
Could the 18mm inductive sensor be mounted to this?


I've just made a 18 mm sensor holder for this x-carriage: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2993543

Sensor Holder for Anet A8 E3D V6 Direct Mount
by nicruo

That's brilliant, thanks for letting me know!
Apologies for the late reply, I was on holiday.

Finally found time to get this setup. Was looking good, but about 12 test prints in while getting marlin configured and such, the back left part of the hotend clamp split. Guess it's time to make another one.

New one printed, clamps the hotend much more tightly this time, fingers crossed

Do you have any pictures with the bltouch installed ?

Has anyone updated the BLTouch mount yet to give it a bit more clearance? I just had mine get stuck on a print tonight :(

I took a sander to mine and sanded off about 1.2mm

I just uploaded a new mount that holds the BL Touch 1mm higher

Thank you! I would prefer 2mm higher but 1mm will work much better.

What offsets did you use in Marlin? Mine is printing amazingly well but off center.

The bltouch probe comes awefully close to the same level as the nozzel. Im afraid it could scrape on layers.

I have uploaded a clamp that holds the BL Touch 1mm higher

Would it be possible to add a single hole to the mount to be able to attach this X-belt tensioner? Then it would the ULTIMATE X-mount for me.

Thanks in advance!

Anet A8 X Belt holder and tensionner

For those who were asking about whether it was ok to make this out of PLA for the long term, I thought I'd share this picture.

Hearing a thud while sitting downstairs, I came up to find the print bed on the floor and plastic everwhere. Looks like the hotend cooling fan had failed (the one that keeps the heatsink cool) and the mount had gradually softened until the head was tilting over a few degrees.The resulting print had failed fairly dramatically, and gradually pushed the glass out of the clips.

But! I've run around 2Kg of PETG through it before that, and the mount only failed because of the fan failure (PETG and ABS probably would have been the same). After it had hardened up, I took a small file to the bottom to true the end of the nozzle parallel with the bed again, and I managed to print out a replacement in PETG :-)

Great design - thanks again!

That's an interesting story, thanks for sharing. I'm glad there wasn't more serious damage.

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Can you upload your fusion 360 files please? I Would like to add some feature!

Uploaded Fusion 360 Project.

Does anyone have a cura or s3d printer profile for this setup?

I don't think any of my actual print settings changed when I moved from the standard hotend to the E3D V6 hotend. Is there something specific you are having trouble with?

I did change my Start Gcode to this:

M104 S{material_print_temperature}
G28 ;Home
G29 ;Level Bed
G1 Z15.0 F6000 ;Move the platform up 15mm
G1 X-9.0 F6000
M109 S{material_print_temperature}
G1 Z0.0 F6000 ;Move the platform down 15mm
G92 E0
G1 F200 E3
G92 E0

That will basically set the bed temp and wait for it to reach, then tell the printer to turn the hotend on. After that it will level the bed, then it will wait for the hotend to reach target temp before starting printing.

Just printed this, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how the 3d touch is supposed to connect to the new mount.
Could you post a pic of it mounted please

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Believe I'm getting ready to print this once my enclosure is done. 1 question, when you adjusted the mount did you move the e3d down or the motor floor up? If you moved the mount down how much z height did you lose? Guess that's 2 questions

I raised the motor floor up. On the original, the motor floor is completely below the top bearing screws, on mine, the motor floor is between the top bearing screws. I don't have exact numbers on the height different between the original and my mount. The V6 is mounted a little lower than what is possible because most clones have a larger bowden coupler on top than what the genuine has. But both clones and genuine will fit.

Is there a way you can add a BLTouch sensor to this?

Funny you should ask, I was just about to order one. I'll update the design once I get it, but it will probably be a couple weeks.

Edit: I've added a BLTouch mount.

Heya, is it possible to print this with PLA? Dont have other filaments around. Or you tried and it melts?

I printed my prototypes in PLA and they worked fine, but I didn't use them for extended periods of time before moving to PETG. PLA will probably work fine if you are only printing PLA with it.

What's your reasoning for not mounting the filament drive remotely and using a bowden tube?
Seems kind of counter-intuitive to mount the drive on the print head.
Sorry if I sound like a dink but I feel like I'm missing something.

Bowden tubes are not a perfect solution. They make it harder to tune retraction, and much harder to print flexibles and soft PETG. The biggest benefit is removing weight from the print hear. I already have another printer with a long Bowden tube, I wanted to keep this direct drive for the reasons listed above.

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Is there any functional difference in comparison to this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1798616 ?

Anet A8 Prusa I3 E3d V6 Upgrade Direct Drive Mount with Print and Hot End Fan Ducts

Yes. I originally printed that one, and the mounting holes were not aligned correctly, and it cause my X bearings to bind if I tightened the screws all the way. So I created this one which is aligned properly and doesn't bind.

That one also requires using the original heartbreak for securing the extruder, which means you can't have a PTFE tube running straight to the gear for a more constrained filament path. It also didn't have enough room between the motor floor and the hotend mount for clone V6 hotends.

So mine mounts without binding the bearings, has enough room for clone hotends, and has an additional hole to mount the extruder with an M4 bolt so you don't need to use the original heartbreak.

Sweet, thank you! Hope you got tip option turned on as I want send few $ for you because you saved me frustration. :) I got question about thermistor type in configuration file you mentioned below in comments. I have original E3D V6 hotend and wondering should I choose 55 or 5 (current)?

100K thermistor - ATC Semitec 104GT-2 (Used in ParCan & J-Head) (4.7k pullup)
55 : 100k thermistor - ATC Semitec 104GT-2 (Used in ParCan & J-Head) (1k pullup)

With a genuine E3D V6 I use the option 5 100K thermistor - ATC Semitec 104GT-2 (Used in ParCan & J-Head) (4.7k pullup).

Thank you! May I know your PETG settings for stock Anet A8 extruder? I tried it once with so so results.

I actually never printed PETG with my stock Anet extruder/hotend. I printed my mount in PETG on my other printer. Now with a V6 on my A8 I do print PETG a lot.

Thanks for the tip! I appreciate it!

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I reflashed the Anet board with Skynet firmware. With a new hotend, you may need to change the thermistor type in firmware if the new hotend has different thermistor than the old one. You should also run a PID tuning and set the new values in firmware as well.

Thanks! I'll upload a make once I have it up and running

do you know if there is a remix with an 18mm autolevel sensor, or could you possibly toss one on this model. I'd do it but I'm not very knowledgeable in fusion360. I've only done basic stuff from tutorials.


There are not any remixes of this yet that I am aware of. I don't have any autolevel sensors to measure/test with, sorry.

Interesting... I ended up mounting a greg's wade extruder as it made mounting easier for a V6, never thought to adapt the stock direct drive.

Though the stock assembly is quite heavy.. I do like how open the drive mechanism is on this design, though.
I might print it just for a working spare.

Yes, the drive mechanism is a little heavy. I wanted to try to keep a fairly constrained filament path to make printing softer materials like flexibles and softer PETGs easier, things I have trouble printing on my larger Bowden corexy.