Dexcom G5 Transmitter battery cover

by BillyBean May 13, 2017
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Feb 25 2019
Hello. I am interested in G5 transmitter covers. Insurance has changed and makes purchasing crazy expensive. Trying to figure out how to
stretch the paycheck. Thank you

How can I receive some battery covers for g5 transmitters? Is there any online shop?

Hi Ultimike,
I already made this model for someone else, I'll upload it and name L44 special to avoid confusion.


Hi John
Did you end up loading this? I cant see it.

can you make one for LR44/SR44 which is 5.4mm high?
I made a remix to fit LR44/SR44 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2822106
it is just 0.5mm higher and it fits the 5.4mm battery

Dexcom G5 Transmitter covers for 390/389 batteries
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Thanks for sharing this. On the embossed version, looks like there are some issues in the text, in the middle of the D and the A and the B, of the lettering on the top. On the under side, that groove I assume is to take silicon so you can get a good seal to the G5?

Hi WanaGo,

I've replaced the embossed versions with engraved lettering as the raised embossing was catching on clothing. The engraved letters can be filled with coloured wax etc.
The groove in the early versions was deleted as it was intended for a small O ring type seal, I found a thin bead of silicon bath sealant applied from an old insulin syringe with the needle removed just as effective.
It needs cutting away with a Stanley knife before removing the old cap.


Thanks for doing this - you are saving us all a huge amount of money! I have a quick question, I have seen some posts where batteries have been replaced or a transmitter has been refurbished and after that has happened people have had to move to Android from iphone as the Dex unit won't communicate with the Apple device anymore - is it the same situation with your option?

You can use this app https://github.com/JohanDegraeve/iosxdripreader in your iPhone to have expired transmitters communicate with the iPhone... This app is actually better than the official Dexcom app. No need to switch to Android.

This is absolutely the case. Somehow with the G5s, Dexcom put something in there wherein it will disable to the device to work with either their official iPhone/Android receiver apps or their hardware receivers after a transmitter has been opened and had the batteries replaced.

This is the precise reason that I was forced to ditch my iPhone and switch to a Galaxy S7 - an excellent device which I'm grateful supports Xdrip+ which will read a refurbished G5 transmitter just fine. As aside, after switching from the Dexcom official app to Xdrip+, I would never go back if I had the option. Xdrip+ is way better and has tons more features once you get used to it.

Sorry I have never owned an iPhone, so I can't help. What symptoms do users see, won't connect at all, misses data or what?
There are problems with Xdrip on Android phones sometimes too.

Received my order from shapeways. The black one is their, "Black Premium Strong and Flexible," material. The white ones are their, "Strong and Flexible Polished," material. Their site recommended the Premium material for wearable items. It ended up costing twice as much for that one but I really can't tell the difference between the two. I'd recommend for anyone else ordering, the Strong and Flexible material is fine.

I only recently started with the Dexcom, so I don't have any expired transmitters to try doing a battery replacement and can't comment on how well they work yet.

I have the "Strong and Flexible Polished" from shapeways and it works great ;)

I've used pla & abs in my hobby 3d printer and no problems as long as you print it on it's side then layers aren't being pulled apart when the clip spring.

Thanks for this! Just ordered some from shapeways.com

Is this the youtube video you're referring in the description? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLkyev3lWWw

Someone who knows more about batteries than me posted this.

I would recommend Maxell SR1130W for G5. High drain W-type not SW.

Renata 389 is also fine.

Some people use the regular Energizer 389. But I have not tested it. It is a "constant low drain, high pulse on demand" battery. I would not recommend it.
There is another energizer 389 that is marked "high drain" on the package. That one will work.

In general anything that claims it will replace SR1130SW should be avoided. If it says high-drain it should work.

I'm curious on the reasoning on the SR1120W battery. The youtube video says they come with a Renata 389 which is an SR1130W. From what I can find, the 20w is 1mm thinner with less capacity.

I see you have a model for the SR43W battery which is even thicker than the 30w. I'd probably use that one anyway. My question is just out of curiosity.

Can you send me a couple of these. I'm happy to pay whatever you think is fair.

You can look into shapeways.com to get them printed. I've never used the site but have heard good things. I just uploaded the files to check the price. For their "white strong and flexible," material (nylon), it's just under $3 each. First order ships free.

any chance you can make a version for LR44? its 1.2mm thicker than your thick one, but same diameter... i happen to already have a zillion of these ;)

LR44 1.5V Battery is a 1.5 volt alkaline button cell battery designed for general use. The LR44 1.5V Battery is widely used in watches, calculators and medical devices. A button cell battery is a small, round battery that is 11.6mm(0.457 inch) in diameter and 5.4mm(0.21 inch) thick.

Alkaline batteries have a sloped discharge. I read once they go below 1.3 volts, the g5 transmitter wont work so they likely will need to be replaced much more often. Silver oxide batteries like the 1120w have a flater discharge curve and will stay above the 1.3 volts for most of their life.

It's not a problem if you have tons of the LR44's like you say. I'm just pointing it out for others reading the comments.

turns out the alkalines (LR44) worked just fine - they've been in about 100 days and still going, voltages are down to 279 and 270 so i don't expect them to keep working, but its definitely a good option considering you can replace them at will with this cap anyway.

Interesting. Thanks for the update. I'm still on my first transmitter, so haven't had a chance to try out the battery replacement yet.

Yes I'll take a look sometime, it means the overall height would have to be 1.2 or so higher too.
Send me a few and I can check they fit.

Could I ask what program you use to create this thing? I am new to 3D designing and haven't yet found anything I like - for instance, tinkercad works, and is easy to use, but it could never create a design like this.