Raspberry Pi Looper/synth/drum thing

by otemrellik May 13, 2017
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Blow my mind man. That is an awesome setup !!

Do you have the schematics or something to know how to connect everything?

Is there any way you could post a pic of the interior?

چگونه می توان این وسیله ساخت؟؟

چگونه می توان این وسیله را ساخت؟؟؟

Hi I am trying to print your design and it appears to have a bunch of intersecting shells. What software did you use? Could you try "joining" all the pieces prior to exporting as an STL or maybe even sharing the raw file?
Thanks for an awesome project I look forward to printing it!.

Heyo, sorry about that. Yeah I probably didn't join everything. I don't really have time to pop back in there and join the pieces. It's built in 123d design which is free. The project file for 123d should be there so you could open that up and join everything. Hope that helps!

Hmm I cannot figure out how to search for someone else's project.

Do you see the piLooper.123dx when you download all files here?

I see it now, I will download it and join all the bodies and then upload it as a remix! Thank you!

Awesome! Glad it worked out!

Your files appear to be corrupt I had to repair them before Cura could read them properly

Hmm, that's odd. Maybe something wacky happened when I uploaded them.