Creality CR-10 Fan Mount and Part Cooler

by SmilingImpact May 14, 2017
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My CR-10 Fan shrouds are 40 mm deep. This one is 45mm. Is there a reason it's bigger?

Just that this model is designed to be 3d printed in plastic. The original is very thin metal (mine is .92mm) I didn't have good success trying to print it that thin and use it without breaking.

Thanks. That makes sense.

Tried the V4 version. Too thin, the screws delaminated the mount and ruined it. Thanks anyway.

Surprising, I wish I knew more about the problem, like which screws since there are 10 total possibilities. You are right V4 is the thickest version if that one was giving me trouble, I would check my print settings or swap to a sturdier filament or material like PETG or ABS. Fortunately for me, mine was fine with a thinner version in PLA. That said, I have since adopted a fang type design. If you care to try that, its at: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2843375.

CR-10 FANG & A HALF with backplate. Easy print and install.

at first i was like "why would anyone need this?" ...
then i got a z-probe which uses a magnet ball which just doesnt work with the default case XD

thx for the effort mate

Comments deleted.

New versions added, fanmount 3.1 and 4.

Thanks mate!
Inspired from your work I created another one, but its different,...

Fanmount for Tevo Tornado and CR-10
by ne1an1

Sorry it took so long to comment back, but great work, very creative! Great idea!

It works for the Tevo Tornado as well, tbh. like this one because its silent as the stock one makes annoying noise caused by vibrations.

one remark: the right side with the radial fan could be much more thicker (wall thickness 2.1mm) or more stable, mine warped after a view prints,..


Thank you for the comment and helpful feedback.

This is cool. I'm printing here in a second.

I have a question, has the weight reduction reduced the amount of shaking table force?

Could you draw the original roller also? where the extruder mounts...

Do you have a .STEP file of it by chance? Thanks!

Is that a solidworks file? Never used it sorry, it was made in blender.

Is the blender file included in the package? I think this will be the model that will finally push me to learn blender.

First of all it is exciting to hear you say you have an interest in blender, it can be overwhelming at first so just start as small as possible and take it one little step at a time. It has taken me a few years with it as a hobby to feel comfortable. That said, the .blend file wouldn't really do anything for you in the case of a model like this trust me. All you need to do is import the .stl into blender to view/adjust it, its not like openscad in which the scad file allows for easier model adjustments.

best wishes and good luck!

Friends thank you for your patience, the mesh issues have been fixed and improved and it should print properly now.

it looks good in the preview on S3D but when you press ready to print and see what its actually going to make it basically joins all the fan grill together as one surface so it would not have any holes to suck air.

also trying to use makeprintable to see if it can recover...as i don't want to go for hours finding the holes heh

Right, this is an issue with that slicer and the model not playing nice. You can try a couple things, this model prints fine using cura. Or there is a remixed model that reportedly works with S3D. I really need to get around to fixing it.

my slicers tell me that there are some problems with the model.. i'll try to print and tell how it was going...

Naturally it's not perfect since its one of my first 3D printable models. So far it seems to be printing ok despite the errors on my part.

Print was fine! But couldnt be sliced with S3D, had to use Cura instead!

Thanks for the update, I would have never known since I use only cura and it works fine on there. One of these days I'll get around to fixing the mesh issues but since it works seems like no rush.

have you tried this cooler is it any better?

My setup is using this mount and part cooler for all prints. I haven't done any hard testing but it seems that my models come out better using this setup.

i printed this before getting the printer and done about 40+ hrs on it but once removed the metal one noticed it had started to wear into the cable

Yours too huh? Thats one of the reasons I took time to make this because of concern of a short with those wires so close to it.