Better temperature tower v5 240-180

by auggie246 May 14, 2017
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any help for slic3r?

This applies to Slic3r 1.41.0 (Prusa Edition - I don't know if that matters).

Paste the following into the "After Layer Change" custom g-code section:

{if layer_z ==2.00}M104 S240; change temp to 240C at layer height of 2.00mm{endif}
{if layer_z ==9.000}M104 S235; change temp to 235C at layer height of 9mm{endif}
{if layer_z ==16.200}M104 S230; change temp to 230C at layer height of 16.2mm{endif}
{if layer_z ==23.200}M104 S225; change temp to 225C at layer height of 23.2mm{endif}
{if layer_z ==30.200}M104 S220; change temp to 220C at layer height of 30.2mm{endif}
{if layer_z ==37.200}M104 S215; change temp to 215C at layer height of 37.2mm{endif}
{if layer_z ==44.200}M104 S210; change temp to 210C at layer height of 44.2mm{endif}
{if layer_z ==51.200}M104 S205; change temp to 205C at layer height of 51.2mm{endif}
{if layer_z ==58.200}M104 S200; change temp to 200C at layer height of 58.2mm{endif}
{if layer_z ==65.200}M104 S195; change temp to 195C at layer height of 65.2mm{endif}
{if layer_z ==72.200}M104 S190; change temp to 190C at layer height of 72.2mm{endif}
{if layer_z ==79.200}M104 S185; change temp to 185C at layer height of 79.2mm{endif}
{if layer_z ==86.200}M104 S180; change temp to 180C at layer height of 86.2mm{endif}

Great, I just learned a lot here:

  1. This only works with Prusa Slic3r, not with the original slic3r.org.
  2. A better way to detect the layerheight may be using a elsif construct like
    { if layer_z <2.00} M104 S240; change temp to 240C until height of 2.00mm
    {elsif layer_z <9.000} M104 S235; etc.

Thanks a lot.

When printing in "fast" mode of S3D it uses 0.3mm layer height. So the layer numbers for changing temperature needs to be adapted like this:

{REPLACE "; layer 7," "M104 S240;"}
{REPLACE "; layer 30," "M104 S235;"}
{REPLACE "; layer 54," "M104 S230;"}
{REPLACE "; layer 77," "M104 S225;"}
{REPLACE "; layer 101," "M104 S220;"}
{REPLACE "; layer 124," "M104 S215;"}
{REPLACE "; layer 147," "M104 S210;"}
{REPLACE "; layer 171," "M104 S205;"}
{REPLACE "; layer 194," "M104 S200;"}
{REPLACE "; layer 217," "M104 S195;"}
{REPLACE "; layer 241," "M104 S190;"}
{REPLACE "; layer 264," "M104 S185;"}
{REPLACE "; layer 288," "M104 S180;"}

First, thx for your efforts (as well as Thump2010).

Was just gifted some Dremel-branded PLA, and surprisingly there's no temp data on the spool, nor do I seem to be able to locate such online (not even in the 'Filament' section on the Dremel page). Anywho...

Hm? Apparently, I don't have it right, yet. Added "REPLACE" code in S3D under 'Scripts>Ending Script' after the last line of existing code. Checked generated gcode, and the "REPLACE" code is indeed at the end (just before '; Build Summary'). BUT, only M104 calls are at very beginning to set initial temp, and at end to set temp to 0. Furthermore, OctoPrint reports no temp adjustments:( So, perhaps the 'post processing script' is not the 'Ending Script'? Or something else? TIA.

P.S. In the meantime, I guess I can just manually edit accordingly. Not the preferred workflow, though of course.

For Simplify3D, no need to do special profiles, etc. Just add this to the bottom of the post processing script
Obviously, this all assumes a 0.2mm layer height. This is for a 240 to 180 tower. Do the math if you want to go down to 160
240 to 180 tower:


{REPLACE "; layer 10," "M104 S240;"}
{REPLACE "; layer 45," "M104 S235;"}
{REPLACE "; layer 81," "M104 S230;"}
{REPLACE "; layer 116," "M104 S225;"}
{REPLACE "; layer 151," "M104 S220;"}
{REPLACE "; layer 186," "M104 S215;"}
{REPLACE "; layer 221," "M104 S210;"}
{REPLACE "; layer 256," "M104 S205;"}
{REPLACE "; layer 291," "M104 S200;"}
{REPLACE "; layer 326," "M104 S195;"}
{REPLACE "; layer 361," "M104 S190;"}
{REPLACE "; layer 396," "M104 S185;"}
{REPLACE "; layer 431," "M104 S180;"}

credit to original author

Better temperature tower v5 240-180

Where i put this? Thanks.

OK, manually fixed gcode and temp test is printing.

Also, read further. Saw 'Post-processing script' in Slic3r, then noticed 'Layer Change Script' in S3D, which seemed like possible place the "REPLACE" code might belong. So, made change; inspected gcode. "REPLACE" code appears at each layer change, indeed, but "M104" doesn't appear by itself. Maybe this is just the way it works. Presently, waiting for "manual" gcode file to finish. Will try this new attempt after...


Found this helpful page: https://help.aon3d.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002443887-Scripts. It directed me to the "Additional terminal commands for post processing". So, inserted "REPLACE" code there, which ends up in the comments in the gcode at the beginning, and that worked!


Nice. Just add ABS temperatures on other side. 200°C to 260°C.