Articulated Magikarp Multi Material Printer

by Woopsicles May 16, 2017
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Printing it now, would recommend scaling it up as some of these parts are SUPER fragile with supports. I've broken the mouth and two whiskers trying to free the parts from support material. We'll see how the rest goes...

Yeah sorry, I uploaded this as small as it could possibly be printed and could be scaled up.
If you are printing the parts separately you might want to try the files from the other upload of this file, The parts are orientated in that one for strength and any issues from the support are relegated to where 2 parts are going to be glued together and are hidden. Where as this is more intended for soluble supports if anyone wanted to try printing it in one print if their machine could do 4 materials and the dissolve the support in water.

Some other things you can try is tweaking the Support interface settings, "Support overhang" setting and the "Support density" setting. Very few parts actually need support and most of it is only there as a precaution and to help bed adhesion so by reducing the amount and how much its attached should help too.

This is so ridiculously awesome.
I can't wait to print one!

Glad you like it, let me know how it turns out :D