Extrusion Corner Plate Brackets for 1515, 2020, 2525, 3030, or 4040

by idig3d May 16, 2017
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Great design. I would like to try and use this to make an enclosure for my printer. Could you do a pass-through for the 4040 extrusion? Thank you.

Any tips on assembly to insure everything lines up square? I've noticed the "point" towards the center of the frame sometimes doesn't always sit flush with all three pieces. If that makes sense. To me, it seems there's really no way it can't be square when tightened. Really love this. Good work!

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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I see you are modding these up - awesome that you are adjusting based on requests. i have another one - hopefully not a huge amount of effort. any chance you could do M5 for the 3030 short? i am about to start building and i have a TON of m5 and m5 spring nuts...nothing on m6.

Great Design, thanks for sharing.

Any chance of a design like this for 3d printers that use 2020s for horizontal bars to 2040s for vertical bars? Seems to be getting popular with a few recent 3d printer kits such as the large format Tronxy X5s.

Thank you

Also the Tevo Tarantula and a few others have the 2020 to 2040 setup. Their is 1 or 2 brackets around such as https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2779026 but none as good as yours IMO

2020 / 2040 Corner Backet for Tevo Tarantula

Thanks but not a simple task. Designed to all be interchangeable. Spent WAY too much time designing and testing as is.Too many paths/rabbitholes I am already following this time. I did open the license to allow derivatives so feel free to modify and test for your own use.

Curiosity, any reason the holes for the 3030 are 8mm?
I will be using M6 bolts and it seems a little sloppy.
How hard would it be to make with 6.5 to 7mm holes?

M8s seemed to be the recommended bolts for 3030--if I recall correctly (but my spotty memory could be wrong).

Took a bit, but added 3030 shorts with M6 holes (6.6mm) for you.

You Da man! Sure saved me a lot of work.
Thanks a lot!

The extrusion openings are 8.2mm. Did not look at slid in nuts, but I am using drop in and can only find with M6 for 3030 profile.
Thanks for the quick response. Hate to ask, but I have been printing the 3030 tall base.

Ha! No good deed goes unpunished. ;) Saw some specs for for 3030 with M5s, M6s,and M8s.

3030 tall with M5 (5.5mm) and M6 (6.6mm) holes added and notched versions for pass-through extrusion as well.

Enjoy. Please share pics when you have some assembled.

Hi great design,

i got these profiles of 20x20 http://www.motedis.com/daten/Technical//PDF%20datas/Profiles/20%20I-Type%20Slot%205/20x20%20I-Typ%20slot%205.pdf
are these gonna fit ? thx for the help keep these great designs comming :)

They should work. Tried to make them as universal as possible.

Great design! I have one question, why the extra screws in the external side? This more solid the structure? Is not enough with inner ones to have a smooth side?


All three sides are symmetric so use some or all of the holes. More for added rigidity.

Hi - great design! I tried them just now on my 1515 openbeam extrusions by scaling down by .75 and they fit nicely - only the screw holes (M3 in this case) are a bit large (they come out around 3.56mm). Would it be possible to adopt them to openbeam as well?

How hard would it be to modify it so the the corner is cut out to allow for a leg to protrude through instead of a flush corner? I'm building a S.T.E.V.E . https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2146430 and for the top this is perfect but at the bottom the corners don't sit flush and there is a bit of a leg at the bottom so the corner needs to be removed.

Regardless I love the design and I'm printing a whole heap of them now for at least the top of S.T.E.V.E :)

S.T.E.V.E - CoreXY 3D Printer

I like the design! the way the plate-brackets come together looks clean! Thinking about making some 20x40 versions by chance?

Would not work the same for 2040s as composite of 3. Have other ideas for 2040. Looking at rotating the vertical rails on the 45º--for better strength as well as aesthetics.

Just concepting right now: http://www.idig3d.com/transfer/2040%20500cube.png

looks great, thrilled for what is comming (subscribed to your page ;-)

Will theses work on 1"×1" t-slot ?

These are for 20x20mm, 30x30mm and 40x40mm extrusion BUT send me a link to technical drawing of your 1"x 1" t-slot and I can make a version for you. Also, tell me what hole size you prefer.