Bigger mini track loader

by lijingwei May 16, 2017
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Thx for sharing!
I had printed all, now i order the servos, can you tell anything about the reciver and accu?

Edit: have seen the older posts, ok. but once, you have 2 right arms in the files!
Thx, best Udo

Thank you for reminding me the right arms , The Arm_L.stlT has been re-uploaded。

hi, I need help please with the servo motors, I hacked my servo motor, it's turning like a motor but I only have 2 cables now connected (+ and -) instead of 3, is this correct? if so where do I connect this on my RC receiver?

thanks for the link, I have try this already with glue, for me it was not trustworthy, I turned the potentiometer until the motor stop, I justed the glue, all well but the next day I power the servo and it was already turning slow :-(
When I try the tutorial with the 2 resistors (2.2k) my servo was still turning :-(
So I am stuck for the moment, want to make this for my kids

use the subtrim on your transmitter to stop the motor .

FYI the arm_L.stl file is wrong...it is the same part as arm_R.stl...just rotated differently...but the step-file is correct.

What receiver did you use with the ES08MA servos? thanks for the remix

Great thx! Could not see the supply voltage on that receiver but I'm assuming that its 4.8-6.0V. What battery did you use that would fit the tractor. if you have a link that would be perfect. Thank you for your time.

I use 1s 600mah lipo from a old rc car , so no link for it , the dimension is 302910mm .I think most 500-600mah lipo will fit.

Will the ES08MA servos work with just only 4.2V since its operating voltage is 4.8V?

it works , just move a little slow.

Got it thx for all the help

this thing is sweet! I really want to make one/some. is there any more information such as parts and instructions.

Is the emax es08ma a continuous rotation servo?

Of course not, you need to remove the potentiometer from the main shaft .

"Of course not" - forgive my ignorance.

no offense
forgive my poor english
just popout the potentiometer and center it ,you'll get a continuous rotation servo.