Anycubic i3 Mega - Z Endstop Support

by BETLOG May 16, 2017
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Hi so I just seen someone elce had a problem with this fitting same as me 1mm to tall and 1to long I guess the refresh version of the printer is a wee bit difrent

What are the sizes of bolts used, M3x16mm and M2x8mm ?

Oh... and yes, there are a coule of M2 in there as well. Anycubic put them in the replacement they sent me after I pointed out that the bars Z-slouching unevenly was bending my endstop. It's a good idea. Obviously they are built specifically to allow that too. Like most endstops.

I screwed the sensor on with two M3x4-8mm, and then another two M3x4-8mm to mount the whole unit.
The bolts screw into the plastic from both sides, so opposing M3x8mm should meet in the middle, anything shorter than 8mm will simply not extend as far into the plastic, but should be fine as long as they hold.
I used 4xM3x8mm cap head bolts. (iirc)

Thank you! I didn't realise the M3's were meant to screw into the plastic, so I widened the holes with a drill bit to fit 20mm M3's straight through ...

You might be able to do that. But if the nuts are on the PCB side they will likely short something, or damage the board when turning as you tighten them. If the nuts are on the outside of the machine they will just be a little difficult to tighten, and probably scratch the megas paint.
Securing the PCB first, and the entire unit to the mega second was a lot less dubious in my case.

I agree that using nuts might pose those problems, but I thought I could perhaps add a plastic spacer between the nut and PCB, like this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2777395. What do you think?

ANYCUBIC i3 Mega XYZ switch spacers

Whatever works.
But now try installing it. It's easier to just screw in two bolts from the outside and not have to worry about holding things to the inside. :)

Will try, once I get my 20mm M3 bolts (now in the post). Lots of thanks for the original Z-stop support design!

Ok, so I have installed it now, but I had to sand off the front and bottom faces as the part was ~1mm too tall and ~1mm too wide for my Mega (this is somewhat expected as the z-stepper ensemble is mounted with 6 M3 bolts onto the frame). Would you make available your 3D design so that one customize it to fit? Or the dimensions you used to design the part?

I made it in Blender, as a mesh, unlike the solidworks file you were probably expecting there is nothing parametric about it, so it's going to be just as easy for you to edit the stl to make such trivial changes.
I am surprised it doesn't fit though. The height: not at all, that's dependent on the normal height of your bed and where you have your Z axis endstop fine tune adjustment screw set (the looong M3 bolt on the right side of the machine inside the gantry). But to hear that the width or depth of it doesn't fit is unexpected.
Just edit the stl to suit yours.

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this is for right side, we need other design for left?

By the way, the left side piece is here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2763895

LH Z End Stop for i3 Mega Ultrabase
by Rednov

I assume you mean for use with the dual-Z-endstop mod/update...
My machine only has one endstop, so I have no idea how the dual endstop setup works. I imagine someone else has made an endstop holder for it though.

Thank you very much!!