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Anet A8, easy removable extruder cooling fan

by 85holmberg May 17, 2017
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Anyone ever get a E1 thermal runaway error with this cooling?

At least no problems on mine. My machine runs cooler since I modded it than it did before.

Great idea! Does anyone have something like this for a 25mm fan?

It is simple and works great thanks


This has been one of my favorite makes so far. It printed on my Anet A8 perfectly and the fan fit great. It makes it so easy to access the extruder parts and allows you to watch the gears work and helps in loading new filament. Thanks so much for this great fan mount. !! It is simple and awesome.
I removed the heat sink from the start, just the fan alone seems to be fine. I haven't printed anything over 3 hrs yet but so far all is good, extruder motor never gets hot , Very Happy here!

Why not remove the entire heat sink and put the fan holder on the extruder directly?

i agree ,i never understood why the A8 has this heatsink

it is the black part in the bottom that actually needs to be cooled, not engine itself.
The one that has hotend fitted in.

I haven't tried that myself, but I have heard of others who have mounted the fan holder directly. It probably minor to no difference in cooling efficiency.

Didn't bother with cutting heatsink, hate destroying parts plus no tools for a clean cut. I did however remove heatsink entirely and prints seem to be working fine without it.
Thanks for the design!
(tried to tip, but not set up on your account).

  • Richard

Yes, I have also tried printing without heatsink. It doesn't seem to do much.

I'm glad to hear that you like the design, I think the tip function shall work now, you where the first one to press my tip button, thank you very much!

btw , ma Tronxy P802m came without a heatsink on the extruder
and i rly don't think you even need it
as i print PETG oftenly , and it never overheated
so i would just put the fan closer , no need for that gap i think

If it's anything like my new A8, the feed stepper has too long a shaft on it for the fan to entirely close the gap. I've already removed the heat sink and the fan and its original guard are both just sitting on the end of the original long screws, which are driven in only deep enough to maintain the extruder body's alignment. The top two screw holes are nicely finished off with spare M3*18 screws and M3 nuts to hold the guard onto the fan at all four corners.

That gives me plenty of gap to resolve my frequent misfeeds from filament breakages (the kit's so new I'm still using the original few turns of brittle old white filament delivered as part of the kit - new 1 kg spools arriving from eBay soon!).

this is the best thing ever thx so much for designing it

Better than other designs where the heatsink is mounted on a hinge, because there must be a contact area between the heatsink and the extruder block. Getting rid of the heatsink is a brilliant workaround.

any users have info on results with PLA?

I haven't heard of anybody printing this in PLA, but as long as your fan runs as it should, it shouldn't be a problem. My heatsink never get hot enough that I think PLA should have been soft. My choice to print it in ABS is just an extra safety margin.

Have you ran into any issues with dust getting into the extruder or too much heat building up making the filament not feed as well? There is currently a debate going on on facebook about this idea and I am curious if this has worked fine over the course of a month.

Hi, mine works fine. I haven't seen any dust gathering. I don't the cooling performance has degraded as the airflow is better now. When i print PLA at 200°C, the remaining part of the heatsink is about 28°C.

I have also done several hours long ABS print at 240°C without any issues.

Awesome thanks! I will probably do this upgrade tonight or tomorrow

I made this and it works great so far. As you suggested, I did have to shorten the two bolts holding the "fan" and heatsink to the extruder frame. 25 mm was too short (I could never get them to catch a thread) and 30 mm was too long (always left a few threads and I couldn't tighten all the way down leaving the extruder loose). I made my screws 27 mm...the Goldilocks length. It actually took quite a while to determine the actual length needed.

This mod makes changing filament and cleaning very easy. You can easily see the extruder gears and the throat to the hot end. I also put a connector on the fan so I can disconnect it when working in the area so I don't break off the blades. I have done that one too many times.

I think I may modify it a bit to include a fan guard just to keep my fingers and tools out of the fan.

Excellent idea over all.

It was a pain to get the correct screws length, I cut them somewhere between 29 and 29.5mm.

Thanks for year feedback. Interesting that our setups used different length of the screws, maybe I have deeper threads in my extruder motor.

Send me a PM if you are interested in the source files (made in Fusion 360) if you want to do your own remix.

Fantastic idea!! Thanks