Replicator/FF Y-Shaft Pillow Block, with drill guide

by garyacrowellsr Jan 27, 2014
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These are actually unnecessary. While there is some minor amount of vibration caused by the bar not being secured, it doesn't affect The motion of the Y-Axis. It is something that we old timers would call, "snake oil". So, if you've got a CTC 3D printer, you can be confident that you will get good prints without this "upgrade". Now, if you want to do it anyway, have at it. However, unless you have before and after prints of the exact same part that show a difference, rest assured that there won't be any difference. It will perhaps set your mind at ease having them there, but it's really much ado about nothing. Also, the Z-Axis screw does move about somewhat. This also doesn't really matter, as the print quality is governed by the two guide rods on either side of the Z-Axis screw. If you want more accuracy in the X and Y axes, you'd be better advised to make those guide rods more secure, than to worry about the screw moving. In fact, I would say that making that modification should be the single most important upgrade you can make to these printers. Putting pillow block bearing on those two rods would do a LOT more to ensure quality prints.

Interesting comment Draconisys.
I was about to do this "upgrade" because I'm having some issues with print quality. However, it could just be an issue of needing to align the Axis. It doesn't make sense that the engineers who designed these printers would make such a glaring mistake and not have corrected it by now.

Would it be possible to resize for a 10x5x4 bearing?

Hello! Should I be having to press these nuts into place? I started them with needle nose pliers facing the direction where 2 smooth edges will be going in parallel to the walls but then I have to press them in. 3 out of 4 broke the side walls. I've done cleanup on the holes prior to trying to fit them but they are still very tight. Am I doing something wrong? I printed them to the stated specifications. The prints themselves look very nice and are very durable but like I said, the amount of pressure it's taking me to insert the nut is causing them to break. Any advice on this would be appreciated! Thanks a lot!

That was there just in case the bearing fit was too loose; an M3 screw could be tapped in there to hold it. I didn't find it necessary. Really though, if the fit is too loose, it would be a better option to alter the hole size in the OpenSCAD file.

So what's the third hole for and does it need to have a screw in it as well?

Thanks for the design its awesome :)
I made remix for 625zz bearings and the template is great.
As soon as I have mounted my remix and see that I haven't messed it up so will I post mine as a remix of your design :)

I used the generic 685zz it works out to 5 x 11 x 5 mm there a good press fit with metal shield to prevent dust/dirt ingress search eBay 685zz

Just wanted to say that the default files work perfectly on a CTC 3D.


Thank you! How did you remove the white gears? I was told they were just stiff. but nervous about it.

CTC has changed there design more than once mine are not white plastic they are metal with grub screws. from what I have heard from other the plastic ones are glued on. could cheaply purchase some metal ones before taking the plastic one off.

How did you get the white gear off?

Thanks for making that jig, I have yet to install these sort of things on my printer because of my similar fear of damaging the printer with my less-than-mechanized hand accuracy. Even with 10+ years of woodworking experience I still don't want to make such a modification without a guide of some sort.

Very nice design! Thanks! I modified it slightly so I can insert or remove the pillow block without removing the bearing from the shaft, so it's easy to experiment with the dimensions of the block. Mainly I added a 5mm slot in the base, and changed the way the bearing is retained so it's easy to get it in or out by minor flexing of the block. I clicked "Remix" here, which I thought would link to it, but don't see that as yet--my variant is http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:341284http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...
You just have to slide the shaft part way out, slip some bearings onto it, and slide it back, then align and tighten the pulleys again. Once that's done, trying variants of the pillow block is very quick. (Your nut traps are a big help!)

FlashForge Creator Pillow Block EZ install

Awesome!! Just what I need. What type are the buts/bolts?

Oh yeah, I should have mentioned. M3 hardware, the bolts would need to be 15mm or more.

What bearing is recommended for this application?

5 x 11 x 4 bearing size, I'm afraid I don't know offhand what bearing part number that works out to.