Brackets for 20mm x 20mm Aluminium Profile

by Mindless May 17, 2017
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Thank you for this great job !
Could you make some internal brackets too ?

Whats the difference between model I and model J? Cannot tell a difference from your images

Hay apetty0414

There is a Back Bar,,,,,, lol

hello , good job bro is their 35 angle bracket for 2020..?

Hay fovrat,, your comment did't show up in the feed ( Not sure why)

Yep,,,, i can 35deg bracket for ya,,, theirs a rotating bracket in with my other Object that is handy too--,,

Hi, great work! Any chance you could rebuild them for 3030 also with M5 holes?

Hay,, try scaling them up to suit 30x30 size,, the holes normal have to be drilled out to take M5 Bolt when printed in a 1/1 scale,,, so chances are the will take a M5 bolt even when scaled up--,,,, to rebuild them to 30x30 is a massive job -,,,