Jolder - Nintendo Switch Joycon Holder

by benmarte May 17, 2017
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Printed this out last night and while it DOES work great, the light holes on the top are missing? When I see it in the preview window, the top holes are covered for some reason but in the model they look just fine. I'm still a bit new to 3D printing, but any ideas why this is happening? Either way, on it's own it works fantastic. It was a little bit sticky at first when inserting the joycons, but a quick scraping of the inside of the slots to get any excess PLA out of the way with a box cutter or the like will do the trick. I had lost my joycon grip about a month ago, so this was a perfect replacement.

Personally, I just took a box cutter and shaved off any of the excess PLA and it worked just fine for me. Make sure you are checking behind/inside the grooves though. That's where a bulk of those shavings were for me.

I can't get the joycons to slide in, even after changing the scale slightly and sanding. Any tips?

For some reason when I open this in tinkercad it displays the model like this, not sure if its a graphical glitch or if its the model itself. I want to keep the grip exactly the same, but make it the length of the switch as I like the dimensions of the switch in handheld mode but still be docked on TV.

No idea, I don't use tinkercad sorry.

My joy cons are now stuck on the holder! Send help plz :(

Use whatever force necessary to get them out even if that means breaking the 3D printed part although I never had issues and no one else has reported any issues getting these in/out.

If you decide to print it again do some post processing on the rails to make them smooth so they are easier to slide in/out.

Good luck.

Got it out with a lot of effort, and decided to scrape the inner walls a bit. Now they slide in and out a bit easier!

Looks awesome! I'll have to try printing this at some point; I hated how poorly the Joy-Cons locked on my design. (Especially the right rail.)