Creality CR-10 Wire management, Strain relief and Glass holder

by Evanrude May 18, 2017
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I just printed this and unfortunately the strain relief piece won't fit on my bed because the red wire is soldered too far to the right on my unit (actually I think it's just not soldered at an angle like it appears to be on the author's pics - mine comes straight out and collides with the small segment that wraps around the corner to meet the wire tray). Also if you print the little bowden/wire management clips in PLA they are a bit too stiff to work with. Once I get ABS up and running I may remix the strain relief piece and retry this project - several great ideas here.

Has somebody already remixed it for a CR-10 S5?
I printed it and realised later, that my Bed level screws are way further back, then with the CR-10 S4 or S3.

Maybe I have to become creative.

Thanks in advance.

I made this today (8th Sept 17) and found that the side collides with the z axis motor mount (yellow plastic. I cut of the side and it works fine.

I have the same issue on my CR-10S and solved the problem in the same way. Perhaps I should remix this with a slim profile to eliminate this issue.

I printed this with PLA and the PLA gets deformed a little bit after some use. I don´t use ABS so that's a boomer. Maybe I or someone need to redesign this so its not affected by the heat.

I printed and installed these yesterday and find that the wire strain relief bracket at bed back left collides with the Z axis motor mount preventing full travel of the Y carriage moving to the forward (extreme positive) position. There is a similar collision in the back (negative) direction with the front left corner bracket but that may be close enough to the Y limit that it won't make any practical difference in normal operation.

I've redesigned the Z Axis motor mount to improve the clearance so the bed wiring strain relief bracket no longer impacts the motor mount. The updated mount can be found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2474909

Z Axis Motor Mount for Creality CR-10 - Corrected for Glass holder Y Axis travel
by hillct

FYI: I made this for the CR-10, and I needed to cut off the entire edge running the Y axis due to it catching the center support and motor.

This issue appears to relate to only the newest incremental CR-10 model revision. I've redesigned the motor mount (above) to address this issue. It seemed like a better solution than reducing the strength of the bracket by cutting it down.

Hi there, I was working on a glass clips idea before seeing your version. Looking forward to trying them out as I think that your idea is probably stronger than my idea.
without the metal paper clips bending the glass to the heated bed, have you seen a difference in the ease of levelling the bed?
My thought is that by just stopping the glass from moving and Not being clipped to the heated bed, the glass should remain flat.

That presumes the aluminum bed is completely flat, and of course they never are...

I assume, the creator is presuming the glass bed will be more level than with the clips... and I agree :)
Everyone knows the alu bed is not level... ;)