Splashing Pen holder

by Duplicate3D Jan 24, 2014
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MEE TOO!! VERY DISSAPOINTED!!!, the photos do not correspond to the files, on the photo I can see the pen in a good angle and in the file the pen stays vertical, also not hanging the pen al all, 2.5 hours wasted and material wasted. Please check the files before posting this kind of dissaster

I found the idea and the look awesome.
Unfortunately my Wacom pen doesn’t fit in (actually, nothing fits in, the hole isn’t deep enough) and the base is too light, so when you put some pen in it, it acts as a lever and the whole falls down. I’m very disappointed.

Have you tried my other design of the penholder? It's for a thicker pen and more on a 90 degrees angle

Splashing Pen holder; Wacom Intuos Edition

thanks for pointing this out. I was about to post the same comment as Nootilus. :)

Gah… Didin’t see this version. I’ll try that ASAP. Thangs to point that to me ;)

I'm guessing this is not you selling your model for the low low price of US$115?


How did you make that splash? simply amazing.

I've used Realflow for the liquid simulation. The rest of the forming and modelling I used 3ds Max

my bad, I thought it was an ink pen

I hope the wacom pen is some kinda magiccal pen that shoots rainbows, because my dollar store pen works just fine and didn't cost me $50

it can indeed schoots rainbows! (In photoshop) ;) and make unicorns and poptarts looking like a cat in space...
I think thats pritty magical :)

Any recommendations on setting for printing? I am using a maker farm prusa i3 and no matter my retraction settings I continuously get stringing using Slic3r or Cura.

I´ve dropped a configuration file in the download section: config_0.2mm_31-03-2014.ini
Please make sure the demolitions of your printer, nozzle and fillimant are matching with the configuration settings.

I´m using also a makerfarm prusa i3 and for making Gcode i use Slic3r 0.9.10b (i recreant to use this version instead of 1.0.0) ... i can give you my settings, that might help you get a better print:

What happened to version one? Also, version two has errors that need to be repaired before printing

Funny you ask. Version one i'v never uploaded because it was not fitting any pen yet..
I'm not going to upload something that is not working properly ;)

Printed great, but the hole is too large and shallow for any pen to sit in it at all. It is very conical, and think it would work better as a straight walled hole. I would love to use this as a piece to hold my wacom stylus.

thanks for your feedback,

i'v seen the problem; Now I made an update (V04: |_ 90* degrees up version)

I am a big noob with 3d printing, but how come when I download this file and start messing with it the size is HUGE (like several feet x several feet)? Any help to a rookie would be great, doing this with a pretty cheap / ghetto 3D printer+software so I am guessing that has something to do with it lol

The model dimensions are in mm. If you are importing the model using inches then scale it down by 25.4 times.

what kind of software do you use?

No need for that.
I didn't had to use supports on my print at a 0.2mm layer height. Maybe at a different height it will be more necessary

Dam, read this two hours in, urrrrr