Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Skeleton Dock iPhone 4 4s and iPod Touch

by inventworld May 18, 2012
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is there any chance you could upload this as an IGES or STEP file? I am trying to modify the dock opening to accomodate my case and not having luck getting it into solidworks at all or converting it myself using other softwares

 I just uploaded the .STEP file. If you make it fit your case it would cool if you uploaded the derivative.

Thank you! and will do. I use case mate cases for the most part


It's very nice!

However.. I printed it out and it seems like the base needs to be maybe 1/4" thicker for the iPhone charger cable to be able to make the turn from the z axis to the x axis? For me at least it's too sharp a turn too close to the pins!

But otherwise, tres cool!

Oh yea this is because I cut the little white boot thing off of my charger so it can make the corner easier. It also helps to add a piece of masking tape to your charger where it presses into the block. This stablizes it if it's loose. I've found some chargers fit tight and some are very loose.

Which one did you print? Because the one with the legs has some fit issues at times. Also the dimensions are calibrated to work well on my machine. They may need to be tweeked to work right on other ones.

That is an awesome looking peice of work! I hope you'll forgive me, but there is something funny about someone being able to design something that complex, but not being able to take a proper screenshot. :B

Lmao. I see your point. Sorry about the pics. I took them with my phone to show some guys at work and when I posted the files here I was 2 lazy to retake them with screen shots. Maybe someday I will retake them..... But don't hold your breath. :-P. anyway, thanks for the compliment..... I think. Lol