M41A Aliens Pulse Rifle 1:1 Scale

by Jace1969 May 21, 2017
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Is there any way of get the file, so I can use it for Cura? It keep on loading up a model software that charge to print it out its self.

I'm not quite sure what you mean as all these files should load directly into Cura so you can print it at your leisure.

Save all the files. Open up Cura and import from location you have saved them too. I use Simplify3D so not ofey with Cura ; )

Cheers Jace Oh Check out these videos I made, they may help you as well

I try it and it still gives me this

It just said it can't read in cura, and I have the latest edition.

Sory I dont know anything about Cura but that is an estimated cost and probably only represents if you were going to utilise it through a printing hub. What happens when you press print?? It should just creat your GCode? I would have thought? Cheers Jace

Hey Jace. As some here already mentioned, this gun is also something that stuck with me as something that I adored and always dreamt of having one day since at least a quarter of a century. To be honest with you, I bought my 3D printer because of this gun (followed by the Ghostbusters Ghost Trap).
I saw a 1:1 replica of it once in Münster in Germany in '96 or '97. But it was too expensive for me back then.
But now, after 25 years of wishing and dreaming, I'll print and build my own M41A Pulse Rifle using your model.
I also plan to build in a static ammo counter. It'll just show "98" instead of decrementing when pushing a button or so. It won't play sound either. I already ordered a Breadboard, resistors, red 7-Segment-Displays, jumper cables and a small power bank as power supply. I modified your magazine model so the power bank will fit. I also put it 2 holes each in the bottom of the magazine receiver and in the foot of the magazine to accommodate 4 small magnets so the magazine will be held in place. I think, as another modification, I'll buy a metal pipe for the shotgun barrel and maybe one as well for the main gun's barrel. Or maybe just for the ejector part of the main gun. ;)
I might insert my remixes when my gun is finished and I'm satisfied with my modificaions. And of course I'll also upload pictures of my make of your model when I'm done. ;)

I haven't yet inderstood what you meant with dremeling out a part of the Top Hand Rail. I don't jet see where it would be needed. But maybe I'll see, when I have the parts printed out. ;)

Wow thats pretty cool to hear. I too have many inspirations here all of which I will never get around to completing due to the share models that grow week by week. Not for not wanting to make them just ofcourse time will not allow me to achive it ; ) I look forward to your build and additional upgrades depending on how far you go. It was a very cool project and really dose look the part once finished. For me when I broke down the original model into components I found the central part of the gun was originally merged into the to handle areal just a little.
I nevver got round to correcting the file as a little bit of dremmeling aloud the unit to all fit togther pretty well in the end anyway. You'll see what I mean when you come across it, but not a biggy. Good luck on your build the hardest part I think is the learning curve with the 3D printer it self. Just make sure you have the bed leveled perfectly and if at any stage the first layer never sticks proprly. Dont just just let it go. (As in shell be right) Stop and readjust the bed and start again. If you do that on every print and the first layer is mushed in and sticking perfectly you should always end un with a good print. Oh and ofcousre do double check if you need supports added as that is a big key factor as well. Good luck, Cheers Jace

Do I need to make all the mods you did to have this 3D model functional? I want to add the counter, sounds and leds as well. thanks a lot.

Depending on how much you want this model to fucntion will depend on ti being a static model as is or actually have working parts.
The model it self as it stand is dispaly only. Up to you as to how far you go with it ; ) cheers Jace

Great looking weapon, an interesting feature to add the buttons with movie quotes. Always good to hear Hudson. For inspiration, here are some other Pulse Rifle variants for future projects: https://www.avpcentral.com/pulse-rifle-variants

Thank you.

Yes pla

And supports needed?

Again wonderful help!

I sliced up this way to eliminate the need for waste and or supports. From memoery I didnt use and suppoert. But do check there is no 45% over hang when placing the files on your bed just to be sure, cheers Jace

Just got a cr10s
what settings do you recommend?
Supports, raft, infill, layer height?
Thanks Andrew

ABS I'd use an enclosure, nozzel at 245C , Bed 110c and 0.2 layer height 20% infill.
I'd also get Simplify3D too

PLA Nozzel at 190 - 210c bed 90c 0.2 and 20% fill

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1778592 Simlify3D even has all the correct preset settinmgs for your prinet to get the most optimal settings. Works a treat, cheers Jace

Benchy Simpilfy3D Wanhao I3 ABS & PLA Test

So close to finishing the prints on my Mk3 :-)))))

Thank you so much for sharing this! Super awesome of you.

So cool to see, thanks for sharing your build, really does make my day.
From memory I didn't need the whole barrel and I had to dremel some of the inside of the main handle to fit the main chamber in. Otherwise looks great, have a great xmas cheers Jace

Hi! Great model! BUT! There is some inaccuracies. First - that metal plates with two cnobs on each side of the bottom of the arch grip part - they are actually connectet beneath and are one part, not two smal plates. Here is a pic from the movie https://cs9.pikabu.ru/post_img/big/2017/02/17/9/1487341408116537265.jpg And it is modeled right here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2475456. And second one is - how the granade launcher slide handle suppose to be attached to the body of the rifle to be able to move and not fall off? Thanks!

M41A pulse rifle
by Viper68

I'm so thankful that you've adapted this model to 1:1 scale. Thanks a million. I just printed one for a friend and it was relatively easy to put together. One thing I noticed though was that there were a lot of parts that seemed like it could all be one object. A lot of small parts.

Possibly but with out any reference pics you refer too I cant be sure of what they are, but from memory a lot of the barrel was uneccessary and perhaps a couple of other smaller items. But generally all were utilised.
So glad to hear you enjoyed your build of it. if you do get a chance please upload some pics of your make. Always makes my day to see people bring these files to life ; ) Cheers Jace

The top of the model. The arch/handle has a lot of parts that I think could just be two or three big prints. I’m worried about cracks forming and have actually had a couple small cracks formed where I epoxied two pieces together. It can be fixed. It’s honestly a glorious thing you’ve created. Don’t let my comments detract you from the fact I am rediculously appreciative that you submitted and did the work on this model. It’s always been a childhood dream of mine to have an aliens pulse rifle. Thank you.

Oh I see, yes that was to eliminate as much as possible the need for support and to fit it on a 200x 200 bed. But as I use ABS and it melts together so easily with a small amount of acertone slurry I dont think about that so much. Thanks for your compliments : )Cheer sJace

Is there any chance you could post a schematic for the electronic components? a BOM perhaps?

You. are. a. GOD.

Thank you so much for giving us that.

I just bought a 3D printer, with the hope to make a working replica of that famous M-41-A.
I am currently printing it (and trying a lot of parameters!) and it looks awesome.
I may recreate some pieces whan I know 3D modeling, in order to print it on a larger scale 3D printer (I have an Alfawise U20 that can print 30x30).
I use PLA, so we'll see what I can make out of it.

But my son and I would like to thank you for this awesome share.

Cheers from France !

Great to hear, good luck and I look forward to your build pics where possible ; ) Cheers Jace

Hi Jace, print is over, I posted the raw parts. More to come as it builds up ;)

Nice work I see that ; )

any chance you can give me some clarity on the magazine assembly? it seems like its too long. like the long thin bullet holding bit should be cut off like and inch before being attached. kinda confused about it

So long ago now when I did that I'm not quite sure. I remember the barrel I had intended to incert it in the gun but never made provision for that so just hacksawed of a length that suted, f you have a pic of what you mean I might better understand where it is your stuck? Cheers jace

thanks for the reply. may be hard to explain but now that im closer to having it all done i see there is indeed room inside for the whole length of the long rectangular bit that would hold the bullets. The model of the whole thing assembled it looks like the long bullet holding section is sunk into the bottom bit as it looks like they are flush where as the model is rounded on the bottom. Hope that makes sense.

Yep your photos look spot on, you are on the right track. As for the top assembly I did have to dremel out the inside of it alittle to accomidate the bottom. Otherwise your all good, Cheers jace

Does anyone know how much filament is used in total for this print?

Cant recall sorry, but maybe a couple of rolls

Hey, I like the design. However, I'm having trouble with printing some of the files as the service that I am using is saying that there is too many intricate details for any of the pieces. do you have any suggestions?

I use Simplify3D and it works perfectly. What software are you using to prepare the files for print?

This is great, I will print it when I get a printer :) Good work!

Awesome I look forward to seeing your post of it finished, Cheers Jace

Could you look at Part_11 there are 2 of the rail pieces passing through each other. Awesome model by the way! I am almost done printing.

Well spotted. Hadnt knoticed that before. I've updated that file now, Cheers Jace

Hi Jace1969, Would it be possible for you to make some instructions to put this gun together. It would be much appreciated.

Hi Dale, Its honestly pretty straight forward form the pics attached and to view the full model in 3D.
To be fair there is like the top handle that needs to be dremmeld a little bit to fit on top of the main gun body and the barrel dosent have to be quite as long. Sorry just dont have the time at the moment to revisit this model. Cheers Jace

do you have the measurements for the barrel?
Length and diameter would already be enough.
Also the pumpgun gun would be super I aheb no idea how I should reconstruct?
without the parts is the pressure unfortunately useless: /

If you opem the files up in Windows 3DBuilder you can use the measuring tool to determine the width & length.
I made it to be inserted into the gun, but it is to long and can be shortned to suit.
With regards to the action of the pump are you wanting to make it a working part?
If your stuggeling with where the parts try to view the whole gun in a 3D viewer. should help how it goes to gether.
Please note a little dremmeling will be required to get some of the items to fit, Cheers Jace

unfortunately missing
the run and the conclusion
Without this the weapon is not completely alien.
I would like to print them :)

Sweet glad you like it. you will certainly enjoy printing it. : ) Cheers Jace

And now, has anyone found a printable model for the M240 flamethrower?

Hi Erana,
This is all I have, if you can improve on it, please upload it back as a remix so we can all enjoy, Cheers Jace ; )

Aliens Vs Predator M240 Flame Thrower (Low Poly)

Looks like an awesome adventure to do one of these!
Are you able to correct the title from "riFFle" to one-"R" "rifle", as this model doesn't show up if you search for "pulse rifle".
It would be a huge shame if people couldn't find it because of a typo :(

Thanks Arose for pointing that out, fixed that typo now, Cheers Jace

Getting there slowly but to save others the hassle the following parts benefit from supports:
8 - doesn't really need it, overhang is curved so should be fine
6 - beneficial but can be avoided if you don't mind some internal droop that it's very visible
5 - absolutely essential, two pieces with 90 degree overhangs quite a ways
2(all parts) - beneficial but non essential, is high cooling if using PLA or supports if using ABS suggested however

Hi there, great model/print but so far i'm on part 3 and 4 and there's some really annoying issues that are causing lifting etc, using 0.3 layer height and 0.35 first layer with a 0.4mm E3D nozzle. In slic3r PE part 3 http://i.imgur.com/byUKpNv.png http://i.imgur.com/mYDZc16.png there is a long unsupported part on the main piece, even using a raft or supports don't seem to work for it, it thinks it's a bridge or something and doesn't try to support it. Additionally in part 4 the same thing happens here, http://i.imgur.com/msRhbKd.png http://i.imgur.com/Kwy79pg.png

Both of those image pairs are showing layer 1 and 2 respectively. Just wondering if you knew about this and how to overcome this, be it the slicers fault or that's just how it is.

The same issue occurs in both cura and slic3r, if i turn the layer resolution to 0.15 the issue does not happen but i'd rather not print at that due to the extra time.

Hi Decyg, I've found my optimal printing sweet spot for ABS on my Wanaho I3 200 x 200 bed with a 4mm nozzle is 0.2 Primary layer 75% 1st layer height 0.2 width, 3 layers top - side and shells, 20% infill. I also have a skirt at 0.0 with layers at 4 and 8 outlines so it helps hold down the print and stops warping. Easy enough to peel off once the print is complete. I also have it in an enclosure ( Helps reduce delamination ) and I use Simplify 3D. I could possible run off a GCode if you want to give me your printer specifications to try. All youd have to do is ensure you have the bed leveled. Oh I also have a heated glass bed which I smear Elmers PVA glue stick spread over it with 3 lite criss crossing motions. Hope this helps cheers Jace

Hi Decyg, I downloaded the files and double checked, I hadn't noticed the issue as I printed those files as they were. After your comments I did see there was an issue even in simplify3D in slicing them so I have fixed the files as best I could and added them as( 3 & 4 fixed ) Let me know if you encounter any more, Cheers Jace

Thank you very much for the rapid response, i'll give it a shot tomorrow and see how it works.

EDIT: The modified parts work fantastically, great work. The following ones still have the same issue however: 5, 6 and "site rail remix"
All other parts work fine with the settings i mentioned in my original post.

Nice to see some one is paying attention ; )
I hollowed out the hole internal barrel section and the realization is that the barrel doesn't actually need to be that long/ or inserted into the stock as you can just glue it into the end of the stock at the length you see fit. The two smaller lengths of barrel tubing were to support the barrel on the V angled grill. But for movie accuracy only one is required to support the barrel at the very end of the grill. Hope that helps and please ask further if you need help, Cheers Jace

Oh, ok I'll have a look at those as well, Cheers Jace
Added 5 & 6 fixed now : ) Post some pics when you done I look forward to it, Cheers Jace

Hi Jace,

I don't really understand the barrel assembly, in the 3d view it shows it as a long pipe with a collar on the end, i'm assuming the six half pipes make up the full pipe but i've got two half pipes the same size, another two of the same size but for the last two, one is 1cm shorter than the other.

I'd appreciate any advice thanks

Nice to see some one is paying attention ; )
I hollowed out the hole internal barrel section and the realization is that the barrel doesn't actually need to be that long/ or inserted into the stock as you can just glue it into the end of the stock at the length you see fit. The two smaller lengths of barrel tubing were to support the barrel on the V angled grill. But for movie accuracy only one is required to support the barrel at the very end of the grill. Hope that helps and please ask further if you need help, Cheers Jace

As for the barrel lengths if you have printed them already you'll find they over lap 1 short 2 long them glue the under side barrel two long one short

Or you can do 1 long - 1 short - 1 long then the other half 1 short - 1 long - 1 long just to mix them up a bit

http://i.imgur.com/uC85R9W.jpg , i'm getting there but i've ran into another small issue, regarding this section, http://i.imgur.com/OG5Oj3k.png
the inside is shaped like a V but the receiver area is square, it's only flush with the top in the pictured position however the top rail should be 3cm ish back but it can't as the top of the square bit gets stuck on the V bit, is this a known issue and should i just sand/cut away material to fit or am i doing something wrong?

Wow that looks brilliant nice job ;) Yes you are correct becasue I pulled this from Pauls model I hand noticed the file seperation.

I did briefly mention in the thing details that I did have trouble regarding the area you speak of for which I did just dremmel the inside out a bit for it to fill in snuggly. As if was in the inside id ended up not causing any ill effect to the model ans the mistake was well hidded ; ) So yes you havent done anything wrong so sand /dut away, Cheers Jace

Loverly, Another one for me to print, Thank you :-D

Cool, it was a very cool model and easy to print with minimal or no support ; 0 Cheers Jace

Wow, we have so much in common ; ) I like it too : )