The Silence

by cerberus333 May 18, 2012
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Can't remember, have I printed it?
Printed what, can't remember?

how did this model get in my designs?

Any chance you can do a full sized version of this?
I would like to print it in TPE/TPU and wear it to comic con following around a friend of mine and she is covered in black lines

Perhaps I misunderstood. Can you define "full sized version"?
Do you want a full size mask?

I could potentially do a planes cut in meshmixer make it hollow and enlarge it i guess

Yeah sorry.
My largest printer will do 300x300x400 so wanting to print it as a mask.
Apologies for not being clear :D

I have made masks in meshmixer.
this is the easiest workflow I found.
first do a hollow. adjust the settings until you get the thickness of the shell you want.
then do a plane cut to remove the bottom
save the head at this point.
if you want to cut the eyeholes in meshmixer, you will need a "cutter" that you can use to Boolean cut the holes.
I am not sure what you are used to modeling with , but remember you can always clean up the cut with a file so better to err on the side of leaving too much than cutting more than you want.
if you need to print in sections, plane cut the sections .
you can then put multiple sections (nestled like spoons) on the same plate to print a few at a time.

Yeah, I mainly use Meshmixer and was using 123D but changed over to Fusion 360.
I was more concerned that (sometimes) when I scale a model up so much it shows the triangles etc. But if you think this one will be fine, I will give it a run through

truth told, I modeled this 5 years ago and can not say with certainty it will go ok.
That said, if it gives issues, you can do a "make solid" and extend the resolution to
fix it if there are issues.

Wait what even is this? All that I see in the attached picture is some sort of shelf..... with a quarter and some printed cubes....

Wait, what even is this? All this is is a picture of a quarter and some printed cubes on some sort of shelf.....

Sorry it took so long for me to post my copy, I forgot I had even printed it. Weird.

I know i printed a few of these that I forgot I had printed myself.

Awesome, that reminds me of something I've wanted for a while - someone please make a few different Weeping Angels! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weeping_Angelshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W...

wohoo another character artist online!

Just looked over your stuff, the head for frostruding is something. the devils are cool too!