PVC Fittings for Hoop House style Greenhouse

by FrozenTundraCreations May 21, 2017
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Print Settings
Printer Brand: MakerBot
Printer: Replicator 5th Gen
Extruder: Smart Extruder +
Rafts: Yes! - Theses were definitely needed for me
Supports: No
Resolution: 0.2mm
Infill: 35%
Infill Pattern: Hexagonal
Shells: 4
Temp: 215C
Material: PLA

Printed both 60% and 35% infill. Both turned out great. The 60% is heavy and for sure strong. Will be using both in a 4ft wide 16ft long hoop house. Lets see how they hold up in the KS wind!

How well did yours print with no support? I'm imagining the ceilings looking rough

I apologize, I didn't see your message until just now. The ceilings of the circles were a little rough but I just had to do a little bit of clean up on them. I didn't use rafts as I just print directly on the glass bed. Then wait til the glass cools off and pop them off. ABS will hold up way better in the sun than PLA.

How did these work for you?