Tronxy X1 bed tightener

by volka May 21, 2017
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This is the best upgrade for the Trendy X1 bad!
Thank You!

You're welcome!

I'm glad to see people enjoying this mod :)

Great design. Works perfectly. Printed on the TronXY X1 itself (with the wobblying bed :))).
I printed only A and B parts. Needs some “post production” and the M5 nut needs some convincing to fit in but after that the result is just great.

an awesome modification, thank you for sharing it

It works Perfectly!! My bed is tight and firm now, thank you very much.

Great design, works flawless!

I have just finished printing this ready for my Tronxy X1 to arrive from China. Thanks.

Works perfectly, just a small problem: it sometimes rubs against the metal beam and makes an unpleasant squeaking sound

Hmm, thats weird. For me it has enough clearance to never get in contact with the 20x40 y-beam. Can you send me a picture?

Yep, reprinting fixed the issue

oops, my mistake, I noticed the part is warped, I'll reprint and get back to you

Just printind one .
Fit perfectly and tighten perfectly the plate.

Thank you

Just one suggestion: diameter of the holes for the M5 roller screws could be little smmaller

Hey, im glad you like it!

I guess the hole diameter design varies from setup to setup. I haven't dialed my printer in yet due to lack of time. So i tend to oversize holes since holes turn out smaller than designed for me for now.

I'm considering purchasing this as my first printer, and I was wondering if yours had any problems. Also I am looking at this model because I am on a extremely tight budget for a 3D printer ($150/$169).

I just get one tronxy one week before. I could solve some problem of screw and nut size
I am more than pleased by the result of the printing

Well i did have a couple issues with screw holes not perfectly aligned. Which is why i made this assembly ;)
Also a couple of distance-pieces where missing. So you should be ready to improvise here and there if you wanne buy this printer. There are also some printers based on the tronxy x1 but a bit more refined for a couple extra bucks.
The Anet A8 is a community classic budget printer with lots of upgrades ready to be printed. You might want to consider buying this, if table space is less of consideration than it was for me.