Parametric Tube Container

by mildmojo May 22, 2017
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The customization of this model doesn't seems to work.

I've tried customizing it for 20 token of 40mm of diameter and 3.30m of thickness and the model is just broken:


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Hi thanks for taking the time to make this great object.

I am designing my own board game and need a hex tile holder. This is perfect. I need to resize but not possible with the handled one as they are fixed in Cura 3d as one item. I need the tray only with handle if possible?

Thank You

Kindest regards David

I just realized you're asking about resizing the model. In that case, I'd strongly recommend using Customizer or downloading the .scad file and using the free OpenSCAD program to change token thickness/diameter/count.

Thanks and all done and a success for a very large tube :)

Regards David

If you're using the old Cura 15.x, you can right-click the model and choose "split object into parts", then delete the tube from the build plate. This feature hasn't been added to the new Cura yet (2.x+).

I think Netfabb can also split models into parts.

You could also use Customizer. There are options to generate only the tube or only the tray.

Or you could rebuild the STL by downloading the .scad file and opening it in OpenSCAD. You'd want to set print_tube = 0 near the top of the file.

Any tips or suggestions on the best settings for the release latch? I print the tray so it fits snuggly and still slides inside the sleeve. But the latch bump will hold the tray so tightly that I can't make it release without trimming some plastic manually.

Sorry I missed this comment! Yes, you can adjust the latch tolerance separately from the rest of the model. If you open the model in Customizer, at the bottom there's a "tolerances" section. In there, you can adjust "Latch Tolerance" to make it bigger.

Or, if you're using the SCAD file, you can adjust the latch_tolerance variable.

Since my printer's first layer varies in line width, I tend to use a knife to adjust the slot size after printing. If you shave a tiny bit off the very front corner of the tray, it'll close easier. If you trim a tiny bit off the front edge of the latch slot on the tray, it'll open easier. Make sure to work it back and forth before adjusting tolerances or trimming the plastic; the latch will "break in" a little bit, depending on the material.