Igus 10mm Bushing Holder for LM8LUU

by superjamie May 23, 2017
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So I am building the Hypercube evolution, and I want to use 10mm carbon fiber rods for the X axis, how many of the Igus bushing will I need to do this?
Taylor Dettling

2 bushings per holder, 2 holders per carriage, so 4 bushings.

Watch Tech2C's videos about using the Igus bushings on the original HyperCube, it is shown clearly.

My understanding is that you are using these on your Y axis CF rods. Did you have to send the rods? How are the bushings working?
Thanks for sharing your experience.

I didn't use these myself, I made them for someone else.

Tech2C has been using 10mm carbon fiber on the X axis for a while, so have many people on the Facebook group, and all going well. You don't have to lubricate them, or as per the Igus datasheet you can lubricate with dry PTFE or with silicone oil.

Most of us on the Facebook group have bought our carbon fiber from HaoZhong on eBay. The diameter is not always exactly 10mm - usually between 9.95mm and 10.15mm - but the size is very consistent, usually 0.01mm or less either way.

Thanks for your quick reply.
I am thinking of the Y axis, not the X axis. Are you using these to mount Igus bushings in the XY joiner?

No, I am not using them at all.

But that is what they're for - so you can use 10mm steel or CF rod/tube on the Y axis but still run the Tech2C or PurchenZuPoden XY Joiner which are intended to hold LM8LUU. Otherwise you'd need to get a whole new XY Joiner which takes LM10LUU or big Igus bearings which wasn't easily available.

You could also use them for 10mm Y rods on the HyperCube Evolution, as Scott3D has not made a 10mm Y carriage yet.

Thanks a lot for posting scad file. Took me a couple of tries, but now everything fits just the way it suppose to.

thanks, i'm in waiting for the bushing from igus.de.. what's the materialof the bushing? j260?

ok is the iglide, try the J260 bushing on carbon, was developed for that kind of rod

These are the same ones Tech2C uses on his carbon rod, they seem to work OK. I'm also going to try printing PLA bushings and lubricating with dry PTFE oil.

I.know but as per the R&D of IGUS the j260 was developed for carbon fiber rods, just to know. ;)