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by sergey2484 May 22, 2017
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good afternoon Sir! Can the front of this boat be paired up with the rear half of your Jet Boat model? I currently have this model and i love it, but cannot get the prop to stop cavitating and inducting air from the cavity behind the boat... i want to cut the back half off and fiberglass in the jet boat middle and rear. do you think they would match up?

I'm not the designer of the boat but I've found that the motor in the description is not good for the job, it spins much too fast
The ideal propeller speed for a boat like this is around 30.000rpm, but here with a 4300kv at 12V (3S LiPo) we're at more than 50.000rpm, which is muuuch to fast
You can buy the same motor with a lower kv, but be careful at the temperature because the motor is quite small for such a boat. If you want to increase the speed of the boat, you'll have to buy a bigger motor (and a bigger ESC to match) and increase the propeller diameter.

Have a look at this thread, where I'm getting advices from really nice and experienced peoples about this build :

Hi, thanks a lot for this design!

Do you have any idea why the water cooling didn't work without a pump? Usually, this should work even without it, right? Maybe increasing the diameter of the intake might do the job? Also, where did you plan to make a hole for the intake/outake entry points within the hull?

Thanks a lot

What do you mean by "didn't work without a pump" ? You get no water flow ? Did you try without any tubing to see if you have water coming out of the rudder ?
I did not try it myself yet, I'm still building the boat

Hi Fardenco, I, too, haven't finished this one yet. The reason for my question is that the project author himself mentioned that the cooling system didn't work without a pump. It's not my claim.

Oh ok, I did not see his comment about this. I guess it's just a matter of tweaking, because this kind of cooling system is used in many commercial RC boats so it can work for sure. I'll tell you what I find when I'll be able to test it.

Great, thanks I appreciate your help. I thought maybe increasing the diameter of the intake hole might help. Unfortunately, that's a little difficult to do using STL files only (source CAD file would be better).

Yes, I had to modify a few parts and with only the STL that was not so easy
Are you sure the path is clear ? I had to drill through the hole to clean it because there was some plastic clogging it partially
Also, if you want to increase the hole diameter, maybe you can une some epoxy to make the wall thicker, and then use a bigger drill bit to enlarge the hole
If that doesn't work, it's always possible to use this kind of thing that you put on the back of the boat
Or this that you put under the boat

Great model. Which app did you use to design your boat?

Thank you! usually i use Alias Studio and Solidworks but for this boat was used Catia v5

Thanx a lot. Will take a look on these app's.

how are you getting it to hook up in the water? I have tried multiple props and i am having a huge issue of cavitation around the prop, creating an air bubble around the prop and keeping it from pushing water. i just cant get it to hook up. any ideas? its a super fast rc motor but i cant get it to go more than a few mph before the prop gets lost in its own air bubble.

hello! try to change deadwood angle and weight balance

sorry for the delay, i have been sinking the rear of the boat deeper but i guess the issue i am having is called ventilation, not cavitation. the v hull of the boat is creating such a wake behind it that the prop is getting air from the space directly behind the boat. perhaps i need to move the motor forward and extend the prop back a bit?

no problem. What props did you use? can you show some photo of your assembly? or video of how it works

You say 40-70% infill, what is the best for the main hull parts?

i had to scale the boat down to 85% to fit my printer but do i need to leave the motor mount and servo mount at %100 scale ? so the motor and servo will fit

no you have to design custom mounts

What orientation do you suggest for printing the hull ? Flipping it nose up would make it easier to print, but should I be concerned about it being too weak due to layer orientation ?

don't worry, everything will be ok if you print it with nose up

Perfect, thank you for your work

what do you use to cool the interior and the motor while in operation? i am looking at ways that would work air cooled instead of water cooled for the time being. i want to use gutted parts from an old traxxas i have,

I provided the water cooling, but right now my setup work without any cooling. For now everything is fine.
I just use ESC with a margin

Great model. I would like to print the propeller as well do you think I should print a twin propeller like the one you used or do you
Suggest any thing else.

Hello! Thank you! I don't made taste any other propellers. i based my assembly on that man's experiments https://clip2net.com/s/43blV45


RC Boat - Remix
by Thos

this hull was printed with PETG and ABS without any covering. for another boat I used universal spray paint from DIY mall

you can find here interesting option of covering https://www.thingiverse.com/make:645059

RC boat

thats awesome thank you for the info! i am stoked about this build its my first rc boat and the biggest thing i have ever printed, giving my ender a workout.

Sergey, do you have the model of the boat hull (the five pieces in one) and the same to the three pieces of cabin, without the slice? If yes, can you post it for us?

Thank you and awesome job.

Man I don't know how to say, but you are the best =D. Thank You really so much.

your welcome! feel free to ask if need make any corrections.

I will be glad if you share you results and tell how you plan print this model))) what printer will be used

Sure Sergey.

When all finished I'll put the results here, I created new parts to do better curves. (after tests I'll share it here =D)

The model have some issues, so I use the netfabb Service to the problems corrections, and make the shell 0.6mm larger.

I'll try print in 2 parts only, with ABS, I'll use 35 perimeters of brim to make it hold on bed. If all good I'll put it on acetona vapor after glue the 2 parts to make it really very strong.

About the printer, is a Homebrew machine, I create it with my Father time ago. It was a case of study. But it use a Marlin modified firmware.

Comments deleted.

Hi there, brilliant model. im in the process of printing the hull now and acquiring the required hardware for the build. What length prop shaft was used for this build ? Also, how have you found the build to hold up long term ? And one further question, Have you had any cavitation issues with the motor and prop setup ?

Hello, Thank you!

i used 300mm shaft №007 at this link

as for cavitation - no, i didnt have any problems

what did you mean "the build to hold up long term"?

Thanks for the rapid reply.
I was referring to how the boat has lasted since you have built it, have you had any long term issues arise ? or things you have noticed that you would change next time ?
Also, the fitting for the watercooling that is fixed into the rudder, what type of fitting is that ?

How long did you take to print everything. I didn't realise this boat is so big and the first part took 15 hours

I used 0.8 nozzle

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Привет! так там места достаточно даже в уменьшенном масштабе


Да штуцер для охлаждения, но без насоса не работает. Если серва не влезет можно пропилить перегородку

List of hardware used?

No not the electronics, i already ordered those, i mean which screws and nuts, etc. Like the actual hardware needed for like the rudder and everything

Comments deleted.

any chance you have the exploded view of where each screw, washer and nut go? would make it WAY easier to assemble, awesome work by the way. I'm printing mine in PLA at .2mm layer height. Once done, i will be covering the entire hull in fiberglass and painting candy red

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awesome! thank you!

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thank you. as for fiberglass, what thickness will you planning to use?

thanks for the picture! i think i have 1mm fiberglass. i plan on doing 1, MAYBE 2 layers, then sanding, then finish off with a coat of candy red high temp auto paint

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1 mm is too much. if you want make hull stronger, you can use fiberglass inside. and paint hull outside for waterproof, and to protect PLA from sunshine. It`s just my opinion.

@Sergey2484 - Do i need a bearing for the shaft and a coupler for shaft to motor? This is my FIRST boat ever and first build of a boat so idk what more is needed. Any help? thank you!

awesome! question, how is the hatch held on? theres holes in the hull but nothing on the hatch. i first thought maybe screws but thats not it

you can try something like this


i use just scotch tape

awesome i ordered some heat inserts. another question, do you by any chance have a photo of yours with the hatch off? im unclear on the placement of servo mount and that other piece that has like 2 pegs idk what thats for or where it goes either

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How would you attach the boat sections together if you used PLA? Im having a hard time deciding on what to do on attaching the sections of boat Hull to each other.

Can anyone upload the rest of the files, guys?


all files in attachments...

Hey man,
Thanks a lot for the design, printing it as we speak - in twin airboat, articulated rear wing configuration. Check the pic. Unfortunately I couldn't find the holders for the drag fins in the package.

Could you please tell what screws did you use to hold all parts? (sizes and quantity)
Also, how you pressurize top cap?

how/where did you mount servo

nevermind it wont even fit on my printer bed lol

you can use scale options in your slicer

hey helo how did you print the left and the right fin and fine holder , i am not sure but i think they arenot the same ?thank you

cool thing, for future prints of this use abs, then you can use "abs glue" (acetone mixed with some old abs scrap) and it basically chemically welds the prints, and acetone aka nail polish remover is easy to find only use the 100% stuff.

thanks for the help this is exactly what i was looking for!!!

Beautiful. I was already working on my own, and it's inspiring to see how well yours works. You even put the water intake in the rudder; that's legit.

Thanks. my next project is catamaran mystic c5000

Oh that's going to be pretty. Ever considered making a hydrofoil? I'm toying with that idea if my first boat goes well.

good luck with your projekt. fill free to ask if you have some questions or if you need some help with modeling

yes, i will. it will be а copy of "Nevka" boat. I have the one in my city it can be used like reference

but first of all i must finish several projects. it is catamaran, riva aquarama and jet boat. jet boat already done, i`am testing it now

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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can i have step files of this moedel ?

hi friend, nice model :) , i will try to print it ( in PLA ) is the only material i have on hand naw. I read you dont recomend it :( , can i ask why?? melting problems i guess? .. also can you tell me what is the diference betwen the firsts 001.slt , 002.stl ,,etc and the ones updated in 2018?? thanks you so much in advance. A greeting

hello, glad you liked. About PLA it's just my opinion, i think it`s not the strongest plastic for boat hull. but you can use any plastic you like:)

Hello, very nice looking boat. I noticed you made some updates recently, is it complete now, are all files ready to use?
Thanks for sharing

Glad you liked, Thank you! I uploaded latest files versions. Just one recommendation - use CoPet or PETG plastics

Hi, I tried to print part1, but it has a problem if to print without support. It is not flat on the square site. i fixed it by lowering the model in my slicer, but maybe you can fix the model. Or is it on purpose?

i printed it that way ... and it was/is all flat!

Part1.stl, not 001.stl. ;)

Well ... :P

Yep :) Part1 i designed myself, so i didn´t had this problem :)

But i think it´s not on purpose :)

  1. I`ve modified 3d printer, because belts torn after every printing.
  2. i don't have money for motors and electronics necessary for this project
    Sorry guys. Give me more time

i am willing to test the electronics, once you have completed all the files...

cool. I've added the rest of the files. I'm not sure about the dimensions, please check. Let me know if I need to modify anything.

hello, the only thing that doesn´t fit is the top plate, but i´m sure that i will do it ;)

Please, i need the other parts PLEASE !!!!

Hi, This looks very cool. What is the state? Do you print this in vase mode? And how do you align the parts while glueing?

Looks very nice. Has anyone successfully completed one?

Would be nice to make this boat if its not a dead project

Any chance you could upload the stinger stl in two pieces please?

you can cut it with your slicer :)

upload what you have please. we would love to test this with you! great looking ride! by the looks of this it should scream across the water! im looking forward to completely overpowering this boat lol. love the torque fins they should help alot. hope you share this boat stl soon!

Please upload the rest of the pieces that appear in the images, I love this project

Hi Sergey! Thats an awesome boat you are making. Feel free to join my new group "Maritime" to meet more boat enthusiasts.

Please, i need the other parts

me too! i have been waiting forever ;___;

Can't wait for relase!

Please Please, i need the other parts :D

Hi, the rest is still under testing. I will upload other parts when the whole model is ready. Stay tuned :)

already some updates?