Wingman Hand Gun from Titanfall 2

by 3Drails May 23, 2017
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somethings wrong with barrel piece 1. Every time i try to slice it, the back cylinder is missile its sides.

Hmmm...you're right. Change the orientation of the print. Rotate it so that the front of the barrel is on the buildplate. Use supports (Touching buildplate only). It slices fine that way. Its the way I printed mine. Its odd that the file is corrupt when oriented on its side, but fine when standing up...but it does work fine if you stand it up.

Files can sometimes get corrupted during download. Have you tried re-downloading the files?

Love the model, and hate the gun in-game. Going to print one anyways, but want to know if the printed models there are the one printed pre-assembled, or if you put together the pieces. I plan on printing the pieces separately, just so I can get it to-scale. Going to upload the finished product.

No, you print the pieces separately and put it together yourself.

My son wants this for his halloween costume this year, so we're going to give it a shot. We plan on doing this in grey, brown, and black PLA and then doing some hand-finishing afterwards. If it manages to come out, I'll post pictures!

Thats cool. I'd look forward to seeing those! :)

Oops! Turns out there were a couple missing layers across the entire model in "main-body-bottom-and-trigger".

I started posting my build. Working on the last two pieces now.

As I posted in my build notes; I had issues with "hand-grip" in Cura. It was missing huge chunks out of the model when I viewed in Slicer view. I brought it into netfabb and fixed it up and re-exported and it printed fine, but you may want to take a looksee at your original files and see if you have the same result.

I've attached a copy of the fixed hand-grip, feel free to use it if you like!