Slug Trap

by AlexEnglish May 22, 2012
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"It's a trap!" - says the giant rebel slug...

FYI: Made one on UM2 using quick print. Came out fine. However not watertight. Now that's a waste of beer :-)
Can someone who is 'openscad-expert' create a version that you can slip around a tuna cannister of genuine brand, like 'Princes' ?
In that manner printing is faster and result is watertight by design.

But anyway: great design and I will put in a can of 'Princes' hoping the cat won't grab it :-)

I plan on making something like this soon once the snow melts. slugs are bad depending on the type of garden you have. If it is a carefully cultivated small vegetable garden they can actually do significant damage if you have a lot of them. If you have just rolling flower gardens or a larger garden then they are not that big of issue. Where I am they do a lot of damage to the salad crops I grow.

WHY! A thriving ecosystem in your garden helps your plants! By having a thriving slug population, it means your plants thrive.

Actually, the slugs eat the plants and there are no good organisms that come to eat the slugs.

Poor slugs! Nice design, tough

I've printed several of these at 130% scale in PLA, which is just about the limit for the Replicator build volume. They work really well.

I love it. But i rather drink the beer myself.

I agreed at first, then I the word "Budweiser" came to mind.

Budweiser wil not work. it repels anything with a hint of brain activity....

Im using a slightly different design. I find yours is not deep enough, but it may depend the slug contamination:)

I dig a small hole in the soil, I cut off halfway an aluminium beer bottle, and put it into the hole, and cover it in a way, that it will be level with the rest of the soil.

I fill about one finger deep of beer. When I begin the slug hunting season the beer bottle almost fills with slugs. One box
may contain up to 40 slugs.

I may end up printing a holder for it, because when you "unplug" the box, the soil may fall in.


The solution may vary for different slug populations. Where I am, I mainly content with a legion of tiny slugs, varying form the size of a grain of rice to the size of a large multivitamin, with just a few larger ones on occasion. I will generally empty a trap this size once per day, or at least check it each day.

For larger slugs, I imagine you would want something bigger. Note that this design is also parametric (to some extent), so working from the scad file you could adjust its dimensions to suit your needs and printer ability.

The slugs in our area get up to 10 inches long when stretched and as big around as a mans thumb. But the average size here is about 4 inches long and as big around as your pinky. I use slug pellet made of sawdust that expand when eaten killing them. Tried the beer with these and they just invited the neighboring slugs to party with them.

I wonder if it would be effective using slug pellets? I suggest that as I have two cats in the house and I always worry about them trying to eat the pellets when they are scattered over the area. This would make it hard for them to get too I suppose...

Pellets also contamine the earth, and if you have eatable vegatbles in there, then I would not advise doing so.

Besides with pellets YOU need to collect the slugs, while with a trap you simply take the whole bunch and rinse somewhere in the garden. It is not disgusting, if I can say so.

Uhm.. I dont think PLA and ABS like alcohol? I mean, I think they disolve or something..

My MakerBot shot glass didn't like Vodka... or the vodka didn't like it... either way I did not like the taste.

Was that PLA or ABS?

That was for Darthwahl

Ah, missed that the question was directed elsewhere, responded without looking further down.

Luckily slugs aren't as discerning. It is possible that it could be a problem over time, in which case this may just need to be a disposable item from year to year. Polycarbonate may be a feasible option for durability and chemical stability as well.

They're both fine with alcohol.

Beer doesn't have enough alcohol in it. Don't worry.

But PLA is biodegradable, so will probably need replacing after a year or so of continued exposure to the elements :)