ANYCUBIC Kossel Delta Double Points Filament Cooler

by Facocero May 27, 2017
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Will it work with the stock "magnetic-autoleveling-thing"?

Had to scale it just a bit and move a few wires on my printer, but it works great! Thanks!

Printed and doesn't work. Too low and sticks to my prints.

you've probably used this cooling duct with an extruder different from the Anycubic stock extruder. with E3D V5 stock works perfectly, the distances are correct and the problems you've encountered should not be there

I tried one of these, but the ends are too close to the hot-end, so they get soft and have gotten stuck to the occasional thread. This is a good design, but a bit more width and clearance for the hot-end would be preferable . It is better than the 360 version. That one melted after a couple of days.

Very good cooler! I've printed it in PLA, and it hasn't melted during few month of using.

Thank you very much, Facocero, for this great design!

Works significantly better than 360deg version.
printed in PLA, 97% scale, upside down, no support, 40mm/s, 0.2mm res, 15% fill.

Which do you find better between the 360 Filament Cooler that you also made or this double point cooler?

When printed in pla this duct was too close to the heater block and melted.

Must be printed in ABS. I found PLA would melt and PETG would sag enough to hit the prints.

This project is only suitable for Anycubic's original E3D V5 stock extruder.
I've been using it for several months and never melted it. Try printing it in ABS

Great design! I used the full round one before and it kept crashing into my prints (it was too low and not back far enough from nozzle) your design was spot on first try and prints VERY well!

Thanks for your design!!!!

The piece is backwards facing and when I flip it, it won't print properly using cura, can you help me?

Will this work with the flsun kossel delta?

No sorry, that printer has a different design

Great design, thanks for sharing!

amazing ....Good job

this is amazing, it really upped the quality of my prints.

Thanks so much works great!
Better than the others because it does no touch print at all the other ones that I have tried touched the build a messed it up