Anet A6/A8 Y Belt Holder Upgrade

by Area51 May 27, 2017
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None of the files have "Postfix A8" in filename. Why would you say something so unhelpful?

Not all A6 or A8 are created equal - they all fit, but the belt height/thickness might differ, find the one that fits your printer.

Can you upload files for Solidworks?


FreeCAD can be used to convert from STL to other CAD formats.

Hi, @Area51. Can you provide the source file for thin A6Ext for community remixes? I need more higher holder.

I can upload a higher model for your A6.
The A6Ext is extended 4mm - how much higher do you need it be?

I need the distance 16 mm between the hotbed ground (mounting plane) and the belt. 3 mm higer.

Done: Made model Y-Belt-Holder-Thin-GT2_A6Ext+3_V2 with the extra 3mm from base to thin belt. If anyone needs the model for thick belt, let me know.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Thank you! Works great with my upgraded GT2 belts! Sorry a little blurry. It was printing as I took the picture since I forgot to take one after I installed the holder. Lol.

Even a bad print works better than these acrylic pieces. The design keeps the thread tight and straight. I can't wait to see if there's any improvement in my prints. Thanks!

Acrylic is easy to laser cut and looks good, but a bad material for 3D printer frame construction..
If you haven't done it already, fixating the Y rods (frame) to a solid bottom plate will help a lot with rigidity. You can use my threaded frame mounts (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2390954) or similar design.

Happy printing :)

Anet A6/A8 Threaded Frame Mount/Clamp, Upgrade
by Area51

I'd like to thank you. Not only is this object well designed, but, due to the fact that I don't have enough y belt length to install it, I'm pulling the trigger and upgrading my belts.

Maybe you could upload an STL file of Version 2 thin belt with a depth of 16 mm that allows users to customize the belt holder to their specification with the Thingiverse Customizer? Thanks!!

Sorry, as far as I know, the Thingiverse Customizer only works with OpenSCAD files - my designs is made in Inventor and Fusion 360.

Oh, okay I see. No problem.

Great file. I am trying to this with the upgraded aluminum Y carriage plate. The front two holes line up but the back holes do not. The plate that I am using is similar to this one: https://www.amazon.com/Gulfcoast-Robotics-Aluminum-Carriage-Upgrade/dp/B07B2673QY/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_pdt_img_sims?ie=UTF8#customerReviews. Could you revise the file so that it will better fit this plate. Thanks!!

It would be difficult to do, as I do not have the upgrade y-carriage for measurements.
If this is an upgrade replacement for the A6/A8, why is the position for the screws changed?

If space allows it, you could drill and tap the two holes that is misaligned.

Yes, it is an upgrade for the Anet A6/A8. The position of the holes needs to be changed because of the overall length of the belt holder is too short. The distance between the holes is approximately 20 mm, at least that is what is gathered from the Amazon's website. Maybe some pictures may help. Is there a way to incorporate that measurement into a revised STL file? Thanks!!

I attached a drawing for "Y-Belt-Holder_A6Ext_V2 PP" STL model with measures for current screw placements.
To make a corrected model I need new position for screws and the name of the model that fits your printer (base height and belt thickness).

According to the drawing that you provided, the centers for the mount holes look to be in the right places. I am going to try to get a hold of digital caliper an take some measurements of the plate. Then we can use that information to help revise one of your drawings to spec. The file that I used is the third within your thing file list. I think the base height is 16 mm and the belt type is the thin version. I can not see the full name of the file on Thingiverse website, so it is hard to differentiate which file is which. Thanks again for all your help with this!!

The name of the third file is "Y-Belt-Holder-Thin-GT2_V2_A8_PP.stl".
If the placement of mounting holes correspond to the drawing I uploaded, the misfit could be a result of unintended scaling or a printer calibration problem. You could print a 20 x 20 mm test cube to verify that slicer and printer is calibrated correct.
Let me know of your findings.

Ok, thanks for the information. After measuring, I found that centers for the holes in the plate that I have are approximately 28mm apart. Is there a way to incorporate that into a revision of the Y-Belt-Holder-GT2_V2_A8_PP.stl? Thanks!

If I understand you correctly, the screw holes should be moved from 20 x 12 mm to 28 x 12 mm (earlier posted schematic)?
I think it is possible to make a part with that screw placement. Could you provide a link to the manufacture of the plate upgrade - this would make the new model more usable for others :)

Yes, that is correct 28 x 12 is the measurement. No problem, the model of the plate is the PYP5. This is the link where I purchased the upgraded plate. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B2673QY/ref=nav_timeline_asin?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1. Thank you for all the help!!!

Hi, thank you very much!

How can I set each params on Cura? "3 perimeters, 3 top and 2 bottom layers."

Thank you very much, printed perfectly and very usefull!!!

any way to adjust the depth of the mounting hole on the thicker side to allow for the use of the existing mounting screws?

If the countersink for the long screw holes are made deeper, they would enter the belt slot. The best solution is to find two longer screws.
The length of the screws is dependent on the base thickness, if you could use one of the models with lower base, the screws can be reused.

Hi, Which one is for Anet A8 with stock belt?


Anet stock GT2 belts differs in thickness and are unfortunately not standard in size - they tend to be a little ticker than the GT2 belt standard.
For Anet A8 with belts close to standard, use model "Y-Belt-Holder-Thin-GT2_V2_A8_PP".

If the belt on your A8 is to thick to fit that model, I can upload a changed model to allow for a thicker belt.

I changed the belts on my Anet A6 to standard GT2 belts from eBay, as they are much better and more flexible. This is a cheap upgrade I would recommend.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I will change for GT2 and then I print this. Regards

I made few weeks ago Y-Belt-Holder_A6Ext_V2_PP.stl and works excelent with stock belts. Yesterday I made Y-Belt-Holder-Thin-GT2_A6Ext_V2_PP.stl for new GT2 belts and it doesn't fit :(

Gap is too thight even for GT2 belt. So I run GT2 with first version and it seems to work too.

There doesn't seem to be a standard for the GT2 belt thickness or a least it is not followed. The belts I made the thin version for, are very thin and would not lock in the original holder. Great that you could use the original version for your new belts :)

Removed old versions to make it easier to select the right model.

And whichone is now best for A6?

That depends on your timing belt. If you have the one with the kit, use Y-Belt-Holder_V2_PP.stl. For a RepRap standard thin belt, use Y-Belt-Holder-Thin-GT2_V2_PP.stl.

hey i found that even though you said the v2 was supposed to give more room, the holder is rubbing on the frame underneath the printer as well as the belts

I assume your printer is Anet A8?
From your description, I assume that the solution will be to lowering the base of the holder (closer to heatbed) - How much lower should the belt/holder be to level the belt and clear the frame?

Yeah i have an a8. I think maybe 1.5mm or even 2 should allow plenty of room, beause i noticed it was brushing against the frame and slowing it slightly even without the belts on.

Just uploaded a version (Y-Belt-Holder-Thin-GT2_V2_A8_PP.stl) for the A8 that is 2mm lower (closer to headbed).
Let me know if it solves the problem.

For my A8 this is too tight. Despite, that I bougth a GT2 I had to sand a lot to use this.

Thanks! Works perfectly

can i use it on a8?

The frame must be oriented as shown on the photos for the belt to have the correct height.
If you need another height for your A8 printer, please let me know how much higher it needs to be and I will upload a model with that extra height.

Tryed this one but the Belt wont hold very long...
it Starts slipping out of the Holder... mil by mil...
I will change it asap...

Is that the thick or the thin GT2 belt?
I have only personal experience with the thin GT2 standard RepRap belt. If the gap for the thick belt is to wide, I can change the model and upload a new version.

Hi Joakim,

This is a very nice design ! I just printed it and it is rock-solid and almost perfect. The only flaw is that the lower belt touches/scrapes the bottom of the block a little. Is it possible to alter the design and decrease the total height by 2 or 3 mm? Perhaps the internal loops can be raised somewhat to make this possible? (I can see that the entrance of the upper-belt must stay the same as it is perfectly alligned with the stepper-motor and pully, but perhaps the internal loop can be moved up a litttle?)

Thanx for the awsome design,


PS: a used the 'thin' version (as I also have a non-stock belt)

Thank you!

I was aware of the potential problem, but on my A6 there is a tiny room for the belt.
Making the belt locking loops a bit smaller made it possible to lower the profile 1mm and giving the return belt a little more room before rubbing the underside of the holder block.
Please try out the new version V2 and let me know if it solved the problem.

If more room is needed the next step is to put the belt out-of-alignment. I would avoid this if possible.

Another solution is to use 20 teeth GT2 pulleys instead of 16 teeth, but then the firmware has to be recompiled with the change...

Hi Joakim,

Thanx for the adjustment, but that was still very tight. So I took the liberty to create my own remix (see the new pictures of my make) where I moved the loop 2 mm up (without changing the belt-entrance). This gives me enough clearance for the lower-belt. I am happy with the results (although I have to admit it is a bit harder to weave in the belt compared to your design).

I can send you the STLl if you approve it.

Thanx again ! :)


Thanks for the feedback!

We can do more... Version 2 (V2) updated with some compromises - Loops a little smaller than the original, belt alignment 1mm off and the belt locking centers moved up. That gains 3.7mm for thin belt and 2.9mm for thick belt compared to original.
I have changed the recommended 2 perimeters to 3 perimeters to compensate for smaller locking loops.

Thank you for offering STL model, but it is easier for me to change the Inventor model and regenerate new STL models than working with STL directly.

Let me know it the belt clearing goal has been reached :-)

Hi Joakim,

Thanx for the work :)

I think we have enough clearance now. This is a rock-solid design.