Z Belt Link and Tension

by nselimis May 27, 2017
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Far too complex ! One motor,3 standard pulleys, one belt, one idler to adjust the tension would be so much simpler, cheaper and better.

You should design something better rather than rip on other people's designs. This is actually a very straight forward and well put together design in my opinion. Good work nselimis!

I design things better and simpler, see my things to get an idea.
If people can't take criticism, not my problem. I am not a millennial pussy :)

Yet you still haven't made a "better and simpler" design of this. All talk, no work. You sure sound like one of those millenials you speak of.

If you don't understand that what I made for the Prusa is simpler and that it is a piece of cake to do the same here, you have a problem, not me !
How about YOU do it ! Anyway, looking at your things, not impressed at all. Good bye then.

Sure sounds a lot to me like someone has some thin skin. Are you sure you're not one of those millenials?

Do you own a FT-5? This is meant to be a add on to keep the 2 steppers. Especially for those of us that will also be Adding cnc milling where Z will have a greater load.

Compute the torque required even for a heavier load. Don't expect this machine to be able to do serious milling, just a small router bit. Have you ever seen REAL machines ?

Again do you even own a FT5? and yes I personally own a 4.5"x8.5" CNC for production work.