Print In Place 608 Bearing

by Darthvaper May 27, 2017
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Yes, I also have just printed at default size on 0.1 and although I got the outer race unstuck, I fear the inner is glued pretty good to the inner race.

Printed at 1.12. All balls were glued to the rest.

Looking at the file in my slicer. It looks like the inner section actually overlaps with the spheres.

The balls were stuck and the outer ring was too thin.
Ive made print in place hinges that worked before, im not sure if its my settings or if you need more room between the balls and race.

I just updated it, try now. I fixed ball spacing and race spacing. Should work a lot better now. Were you printing with any supports when you tried the first one?

Ok I'll go and adjust it and re-upload it later this week. I never got to print it because I've been out of town.

Let me know how this turns out for anyone who prints it. If there is a major flaw inform me so I can fix it.

what settings in slic3r do you use for supports? I am still mid print but it looks liek the bearings came out rough so far