by mussy May 28, 2017
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Hi, I was wondering if you are still giving away the shells to the first 3 people who post a make of it (I was wondering as you posted this over a year ago and could have found a use for all of them in that time and as I was going to make one but am struggling to find where to get the shell for it from as am unsure about importing them from china)

Thank you

Sorry I gave them away

Awesome . Going to make 1 and hopefully be the first to say I made it for .

Good luck Jason can't wait to see it ;)

so ... either nobody made this or everyone who did lost their hand and is unable to post the result.

Do you have a video of it in action?


I started printing this last month and I am just getting around to finishing it, I had originally printed up several files including a file labeled stock_adaptor_cobray.stl. I don't see it in the file list anymore, I am guessing your design changed and that piece is no longer needed. If you made updates, are any of the parts reusable or should I start from scratch?


Hi Carl,
All the files are good apart from that piece, I also added a shorter chamber that reduces ejection jams, good luck I hope you like the finished product ;)

Thanks for the quick reply!

I have most of the parts printed. I'm reprinting the righty receiver tonight because of some fit issues with the connector tube. I'm hoping that will solve those problems.

I think there is one file missing though. In your photos you have a "flash suppressor" piece that anchors the other end of the barrel rubber bands, I don't see that file in the file list.

Hi Carl, I lost my old laptop so I don't have the original files but I just made a new muzzle flash that should work, its slightly longer than the one on the pictures, As for the parts they should all fit tightly without any glue, just use a deburring tool to Chamfer the pieces slightly and hammer together with a rubber mallet.


would it possible to have more specific assembling instructions ? Like a complete list of all the part that need to be bought (or at least not printed) and how many time each file need to be printed.

I don't care if that put me out of your challenge. I just want to print cool stuff and this design seems to fit in that category :)

Its ready you can start printing, Enjoy ;)

Hi, you need to print one of each, apart from the receiver as there are two versions Lefty or right, the only missing part is the chamber I will upload it tonight, I will also dismantle my gun today and measure all the fasteners and update the details in the description. The challenge is still on so post pics when you finish it and I will send you the cartridges and PLA, Good luck :)