3D Printable RC Spitfire (Original)

by rikesh_dhirajlal May 28, 2017
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You could use PP, I mean polypropilene, to reduce weight. But you need to reforce the chasis because the pp is too flexible.
Podrías usar PP, osea polipropileno, para reducir el peso. Pero necesitas reforzar el chasis porque el pp es muy flexible.

Densidades de los materiales:
Materials density:

PLA. 1.24 gr/cm3
PP. 0.9 gr/cm3

El PP de smart materials 3d va muy bien.
The smart materials 3d PP works very well.


Can you make it work?


I have ended up with a weight of 502g including electronics so far. That's with a 3S 1300mAh battery.
I only need hinges and steering rods and to weld some pieces together. My guess is a final weight of approx. 530g.

hi. could you please reupload the files? Middle-Body-Tail2 have some open sections which i cant repair with netfabb. I have asked a friend and he have the same problem.

It will fly you need to get a fast motor
And keep the battery at a 3 cell I have held heavy planes that
Fly so. All I have left to print Is the cockpit wings and control
Surfaces. I will record it flying

Hi everyone, what about printing this 'heavy' airplane in HIPS? Any advise or experience? The material is lighter and stronger it says?

Hello. Nice project! I'm thinking about printing it. Do you know how long is the wingspan? Thanks!

Spitfire is a very beautiful plane. I'm a newbie to 3d printing, assembled and owning a Anet A8 but I think I'm getting there.:-) Aldo it looks like a lot of work and maybe the plane doesn't fly I think because of the thin structure of the romp and wings of the plane the materials shouldn't be that expensive. Downloaded the files and going to play with it, who knows. :-) For sure my son of seven years old would go grazy ift it flyes and daddy too of course. :-)

After reading at least 40 comments I have come across a few people saying this doesn't fly. I also noticed all of those comments were last year, so I was curious if the issue had been fixed or if I should save my money on this project. I think it's an awesome design and I have seen other spitfires flying on youtube but none of them have links to an STL, and the build guides don't have flying videos. I just want to try and find a plane that works before I dive into a project only to be heartbroken when it doesn't work.

nope, it will not fly. Honestly, the best option for a 3d printed warbird is to buy the stl from 3dlabprint.com - their models are awesome

Or u can't fly it

because you do ?

Haven't gotten printer yet but I'd say I can fly it.
BTW I am a national rc flying champion so.......
In a small unimportant country but anyway.

There is no such thing as an "unimportant country" :)

I have never built a RC plane befor but I can look up videos on how to do it would this be a good beginning project for me

Heavy WWII fighters do not make good beginner aircraft.

It will be fast and have some tendencies that are good for air combat but bad for learning how to fly

I'd recommend your first RC plane is not a warbird like this - and especially not a heavy plastic plane. I'd recommend you get a cheap, foam trainer first to get good at flying and landing before you try anything that is a tail dragger, low-wing. Would be a shame to try to fly this on your first go and break it into a million pieces. I have been there. Tried to fly a corsair as my first plane and I wrecked it every time until I bit the bullet and learned how to fly on a high-wing foam trainer.

What motor with Kv y esc do you use actually?

I am not sure what people are using but if you increase the size to 150% then I think an 1100kv 320A motor with 40A esc and 11.1V 3S lipo should work 11/6 prop, as used in another 3d plane of similar size. As and when I print the larger version (see my post on removing some shells/weight) it is what I will use.
Should be scaleable down if you print the standard size ? so 2/3 of the above 1000kv 200A with 9/6 prop ? I am just guessing on downsizing the motor though.

Hi. I am making a 3D labs P47 but would also like to try this as it looks more detailed than most.
I think, having done one thin wall print, I would like a single wall with infill. Is there a single wall version of the.stl files, or how do I make one as still learning the object editor. I am sure blender could do it but I am struggling with it.
Having tried it I think Cura's 'lines' infill might work as they produce an X support from end to end of a wing (for example) and I think it may just work with little weight increase, like swapping the inner shell for the infill. I will also try increasing size by 150% to give about 1m span, this should try to hit a print weight of 500g to fly based on other models.
Edited to add, I used a sicer and increased the parts size to 150% and added up the weights, comes to 600g which is possibly acceptable. Increasing size also increases wing area, gives a span of about 900mm.

I think that you're model is awesome, is there maybe a way that someone could model a solid canopy without the hole for the FPV cam?

Its a great idea but struggling to find anyone confirming they have flown this. Just some food for thought - other rc craft on the market that fly well in this size weigh around 100g, some mention theirs being about 6x that... not saying it wouldn't fly but make your own conclusion from that comparison.

I have heard mixed reviews about this airplane. Can anyone confirm that this model will fly?

Comments deleted.

Does it have landing gear or do i have to get that seperately

I haven't been able to find what motor to use would an
1806 2300kv work on a 3s 1300mah lipo with 20A esc
Plaing on printing in the next few days

did you print it? any experience? did you use the specified motor combination? and what prop?

No did not print it I thought I would wait for the reply I don't have very much experience so probably won't now send I need to buy More parts if I can't get away with what I have already

Hi there.
First off, beautiful design. Well done, you've done this iconic aircraft proud.

So I've printed in in 100%. Yeah it's kind of heavy but why does that mean it won't fly? As long as you get the weight distribution right and provide enough thrust, surely it would fly... Right?
Modern electric motors put out far more power than a full scale petrol motor.
I figure that I just need to balance the weight perfectly and keep a high speed to prevent stalling.
But I'm no engineer.

cut weight where possible but it all depends on the battery weight as well. You dont want a heavy overpowered plane with a 10 minute battery life. Use strong micro-servos and aluminum where possible to cut down the weight and of course it will fly.

Brushless motors will certainly develop more than enough power.

What was the total final body weight (out of curiosity). I am planning to print this at some point when my second printer is assembled.

It weighs 267g, just the shell without any electronics in it.
I actually lined the nose section with fiber glass (car body repair kit) to strengthen it and help shift the weight distribution forward.

Why did i printed this when it doesnt fly? DIE MAN, DIE

Maybe because u can't fly?

LOL!! Really?? Why is this not mentioned in the description??

I am using simplify3d with Malyan M180 and ABS+ @ 100% scale printing 2 layer top bottom 1 layer perimeter and 5% fill and .15mm thickness. Simplify3d estimates its only going to end up around 230g whether that's the result or not? Generally i find it estimates pretty well. I do plan to sand to some degree or acetone smooth and then paint which will change the weight. i'd like a nice smooth looking finish. I really think this could fly? I'm a noob at flight and this will be my first attempt any direction would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone got this to fly? Any suggestions on hardware? The motor i plan to throw on it will be for models between 600-800g and i figure by the time i throw battery and other peripherals i'm looking around the 600-700 total assuming but will shave weight were i can. open for suggestions

I've worked on it a bit as far as print settings and I've got it down to around 250-275 grams at 130% which is approximately a 35" wingspan using simplify3d though you lose some things such as the tubes for carbon fiber disappear but mostly everything else is intact you have to also use different settings for the nose as the motor mount disappears under these settings. When compared to the spitfire on 3dlabs it ends up 25% lighter 3" shorter wingspan room for bigger battery the way i see it. Thoughts on 1 layer thick no carbon tubes?

Hi! What do you mean with the disappearing parts? Why exactly do they disappear? ty

Hello Guys,

fot the beginning i would like to thank the creator of the model for this nice free concept!!! It is a great model, it looks very good and detailed.

Unfortunately it does not fly! Let me be honest, i havent tried it yet, i have lost my motivation when i realized that i have been printing a not flying rc model. I have scaled the model up to 120% from the description and printed the most parts with 10% infill as was said in the description. It is heavy like an iron! On the other hand it is far not that stable as i wish it was.

For that reason I would like to start a discussion about the weight reduction ways. Something must be generally wrong with 1) the model or 2) the g-code

Let me mention, that while scaling up the model you reduce its specific weight. Why? Simply because you increase the volume while your wall thickness stays the same (your nozzle diameter)

I made a simple research and found out, that the model from 3D Labprint has a wingspan of almost 1 meter and weights according to the manual just 432g (pure print). I have printed my plane at 120% and it weights around 400g while the wingspan is just 720mm.

Just for record i have then scaled up this model up to 170% in Cura, as result i became the same dimensions like the Plane from 3D Labprint. I was very disappointed after i have sliced it in Cura, as it weights 575g without infill (0%) or even 828g with 10% infill density. it is almost double weight of the plane with the same dimensions from 3D Labprint

You can look at my research details at the screenshots.

Everything above ist just my opinion. Farther opinions, suggestions, corrections and ideas are welcome.




Thanks for this, I am in the process of updating this model so that it is much lighter. I have looked at your suggestions and will be trying to implement this on the new iteration. I will send you a message shortly.


that sounds great. Do u have any idea how to make cura print just one outer perimeter?

@everybody: It is defenitely worth it to watch tutorials from 3DLabprint before start printig, shame i did not read it befor my first attempt:

Here is the slicer setup: https://3dlabprint.com/faq/
Here is the original user guide: https://3dlabprint.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/userguide_Spitfire_MkXVI.pdf

There are alot of information to learn. Unfortunately i am not that good in freeshape 3d modelling. I am just doing my first steps with bleder. So i am not able to help with the model optimization. Do you thik it is possible for you to make an outer shell model without inner shell? This would simplyfy the scale-up prozess.

Let me explain why is the scale up is so complicated now. You have designed your model with a 0.8 wall thickness. After scaling up it to 120% you get a 1 mm wall thicknes. Now, when printing with 0.4mm nozzle the printer lays an outer layer and an inner layer and leaves a gap between them, because 0,2 mm can not be filled with 10%. Both shells stay separated. There is no difference for cura when you choose 10%, 20% or 50% - these 0,2 mm stay air.



Hi, if I make and sell this modle how to I compensate you? Id like to give you royalties for it.

Comments deleted.

I'm making this right now. Got all the parts printed and am gluing it right now. Would someone who's made it and flown it post a video and link it? I'm super curious to see it fly

Yea no go no fly looks cool but flys like a rock..extend the nose allowing more room for for a bigger battery and possibly a bigger motor also add structural supports to the nose as well .


I'd like to know the different electronics characteristics (motor, ESC, Battery,...).
Have you thought about add wheels ?

Thank you !

I'm sorry to read that your work is being misrepresented by unscrupulous people.
Your project has a lot of pieces, if while designing you could emboss your name or icon on each piece it would not add a lot of work for you but would be harder for someone to pass them off as their own. You should also notify the website that someone is taking credit for your work.

That is a great idea! I have started to do for many of my designs now.

Hey, great model. What motor specifications do I need?

Do you recommend ABS or PLA?

I personally have only printed this with PLA so I can't really give a recommendation on which one will be better.

What motor do you advice ? How many KV ? The ESC ? How many Amps ? The size of the propeller ? Thanks !

How big have the printbed to be?

@ Risto_P:

lenght: 473.63 mm (47,3 cm)
widht / wingspan: 601.60 mm (60,1 cm)

Please tell me where is the center of gravity (cg, cog)?! Thank you

it should be about the center of lift(center of the main wing)

i've put my battery almost against the firewall of the motor about 1 cm from where the motor is

Which battery do you use, hier much mha? My cg is at the Moment @ the cut where the canopy Beginns, is that Good or Bad ? I think its tail Heavy ?

the further forward you push the battery the better. i using a 3 cell 2200mah battery for cg testing

it is tail heavy

If you don't place electronics right


sorry if I have missed it but I can't find the size of the plane.... lenght and width. Any info on that?
Thanks so much!

can you upload a file that has all of this part in one piece so I can print it as a small model by it self, maybe design a stand for it?

Nice work. I'd love to see a Hawker Hurricane hint hint.

I really love the Design of the spitfire and even more this printable one.

I ordered everything today and was luckly to get 11$ Discount on almost every part:


Thank you for this amazing Design!

Currently printing this out and the level of detail is amazing but you should add some tabs to the wings to help with the build process

Next iteration will include tabs

got min flying 2day
up scaled an extra 10%
0.1 layer
8% fill
used difrent mottor as well all get specks

That is awesome, do you have any videos or pictures you can upload

I tried printing the nose piece 3 times with 3 different slicer programs and each had the same result there was layer separation just before the end of the wing support and just after the wing support not sure why since I haven't had any problems with my other prints doing that. Really was looking forward to building my first plane with my 3D printer. Love the design but will have to figure out the layer separation like its Z axis jump.

I’ve finished printing this as my first 3D printing project. I’ve reprinted some many times and although I’ve now printed everything... I can see I have to redo some more, but I’m looking forward to the finished product. Printing things... I’m a newcomer. Making things work that shouldn’t work? I’m an old hand at that one! So I’m not worried. Thanks for the design mate.

ALWAYS add a watermark to your 3d models. somewhere on the design embed your name its the only way to be sure.

Hi what size of bl motor you use for the plane. nice plan thx

a 22-10 motor on a 1100mah battery would work. that what was recommended for me

It may be worth doing away with the rudder control. It will save the weight of the servo and hinges. Due to its size you probably wouldn't even use rudder much. This way it will be less tail heavy. Such a great idea though. I will print one in the near future!

hi fella i want to print this but am i rite in saying 0.2 Shells in cura is wall thiknas and is resolution layer hight


that is correct, but there is a high chance that you may not be able to fly the spitfire as currently the weight is too much. I am working on another lightweight rc plane that will hopefully do better.

whats it wehgiting

Just curious, what kind of FPV camera is the hole in the canopy designed for? I printed your design, and am trying to figure out the kind of FPV gear that would allow me to mount it with ease. Your advice is greatly appreciated.


I am not very sure anymore, I designed the hole for a small Chinese FPV camera we had at work.

sorry about that

Hey! I need some help. How can I connect the servo motors to the tail flaps?

The servos are mounted in the middle and then you should be able to pass a small servo push rod through the back 2 holes to the flaps

Another one: what is the best way to mount the flaps on the wings? I'm currently trying by stuffing cardboard in there but I'm sure there's a better way.

I used a CA Hinge Sheet to create the Hinges, if you want some people have also used plastic from water bottles and milk cartons as hinges but I don't know how well they work.

I would always use a hinge sheet like you ready made using plastic bottles is more hassle than it's worth.

I printed with Simplify3D in Vase mode, got some problems but fast print time and good resistance.

Let me know how that goes as I am in the process of designing a new plane with only 1 shell, so its lightweight

What size brushless motor does this use?

A lot of time and material could be saved if the nose section was split where it meets the motor mount. printing the nose section whole is an enormous print time mainly due to the support material needed to print the motor mount correctly.

Great job. Can you do that with a Horton, please :-)

I am looking into creating another plane possibly the B2 (Similar to Horton) or the F117, when I get some spare time.

The Horton does look very interesting and I may end up creating it. I just need to source the correct electronics.

looks good can you give us more specs maybe like wingspan and so on and weight of it.

Minimum build plate size might also be useful.


The Plane was designed to be printed on the Makerbot replicator 2, which has a build size of 28.5L X 15.3 W X 15.5 H CM.

I'm building the other guys appropiated version, I really wish I'd seen your original before I set out on this journey. I'm pretty sure that the scale on that one is wrong, it's only about 60cm across and already has a AUW of 420gm. Plus it's really tail heavy so I think I'll have to add sone lead to the nose. However, I'm forging ahead and I'm going to get it into the air and see how it flys. Thank you for making this model, it's been a blast so far.

That is totally awesome, I don't think he has made any changes as the plane that I had designed was already too heavy ( this was more of a test, and it may work better if its redesigned and printed with 1 shell instead of 2.

Im looking into building a F117 or a simple plane something similar to this (https://store.flitetest.com/ft-simple-cub/) with 1 shell when I get some spare time and all the electronics. It sucks as I would love to actually let someone with experience fly and test the plane (I have only flown RC Quad never Planes) and I can do all the CAD stuff but there is not really and RC clubs where I live in London.

Hopefully you can get it flying

I think I printed the Spitfire with one shell (.4mm) and if I get it to fly I'll definitely post a video of it.
If you design another plane I'd be more than happy to print it out and fly it, I've been flying fixed wing RC for a few years and know my way around a plane.
Too bad you are not any clubs in your area, I guess it would be a bad idea to do a test flight in Hyde Park wouldn't it. ;)

That is great, when I do get some time I will try to create a simpler plane and will get in contact with you when i need someone to fly this. Yh and it is probably not a good idea to fly this in Hyde Park.

Hey there! I finally flew your Spitfire and I'm sad to say that it didn't do very well. Even with huge amounts of ballast on the nose it was still tail heavy. When I threw it into the air it pitched up and flipped tail under nose and spun to the ground.
All in all it was a fun project. I'm goi g to pull the electronics out and give it a coat of paint and hang it from by ceiling. :)

Hang it......lol