3DS Cube 3 Filament Hub

by Qube3Bot Jun 23, 2017
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Do you have the fils as a STL ?

I own and maintain the original design files. I am protecting the core design from potentially unsuccessful remixes being posted. However, if you read my other comments, I do support others taking on this design challenge with their own version.

Also know that I've moved forward from this development effort. I now use a modified filament delivery chain that requires a bit of machining on the bowden tube. You can learn more here: http://www.print3dforum.com/showthread.php/1278-Universal-Hub
You will need an account to see images on Print3DForum.

The "clips" broke after my first print except that very good model !

I am sorry you had trouble with one of the models. Is there something that should be corrected in the model?

Thanks, is realy usefull your invention

You are very welcome :)

Can you share in stl format pleas?

A few of these files have been released as STL.
Have a look on the Print3DForum.

I believe I have been clear as to the reason for not releasing the hub and clamp files.

i dont thalk about your mod but the 3DS Cube 3 Replacement Filament Feed System lol
your mod have a bether conception :)

Is the best Mod for me, the other clip cant be removed without breaking...i have made litle tube guide if somebody
is interested :P

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I am certain an effort such as that would be appreciated by many.
Are you volunteering your excellent design skills to come up with one?

I should add that the software for the Cube 3 is proprietary.
The diameter of the drive wheel and the "bite" into the filament is inherent to the functionality of the printer to manage feed speed.
I have been known to modify the drive wheel to manage harder filaments rather than change the original design intent.

However, you could easily extract the wires from the Cube 3 going to the drive motor to run an external module such as the one linked in your query.
That would open up a lot of possible solutions.

The Cube 3 drive wheels are based on a 10mm outside diameter with a 1mm clearance between the drive gear and the idler roller bearing.

I see. I did not know that there was such a reason.

Any chance you could publish stl files?

Nope. Cartridges can be made to work.

If you already have a solution on the hot-end, then I would suggest a "KISS method" update to the cartridge and it will be a lot more reliable.
Then you can print anything and you will be ready to use your new hub. See the Print3DForum for more information on printable hot-ends and cartridge rework options.

Again, I have nothing against reverse engineering this thing, but I need to know that what is out there is according to the original design intent.

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This is a full set in a ZIP.
Untested, of course, but the same files oriented for the right side nozzle.

Let me know if you have any trouble with them.

Thaaaaanks. I'm printing now.

Thanks for your sharing, It's amazing!

Unfortunately my left extruder dose not work now, I can't print use left extruder cube3 files. Could you provide stl files or right cube3 files?

Is it me or are we missing a "DIY_Despooler_StockTube_R"? Only L provided?

Nothing's missing. The right side despooler is a bonus for those who have mastered the tube adaptions.

This also leaves the right side available for stock cartridges.
Some actually function well... about half of them, anyway.

The one does work on both sides :)