Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

C3PO Head Split - Suit "still to come"

by Jace1969 May 29, 2017
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Do you have the parts from the file Head_Complete_Split_STL.stl available as single files rather than a file with lots of pieces in it. Looking to print on a CR-10 4S and would like to print the face, back etc as a single piece.

Sorry I dont, but you could open up in free Windows 3DBuilder select ALL, control shift click on the piece you want and then hit delete.
Save that individual piece, reverse and repeat till you have all the parts seperated. Cheers Jace

Thanks for the advice. Struggled with 3D Builder, but was able to do the same thing in Slic3r.

Thanks for making the model available.


Very nice work. Just wanted to point out that in the assembled model you photographed, you have the eyes twisted about 90 degrees. The slats should be straight up and down.

Thanks for tip. I havent done the LEDs for him as yet so there only bluetacked in : ) Will rectify once completed Cheers Jace ; )

Did you noticce Carlz done a nice head over here ;) Cheers Jace

And a body from here : ) https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:638242

and I see James Brunton has done Johnny five too

Carlz Johnny 5 - Short Circuit Head
by carl74

great work as always jace.

would like to see you do a johnny 5 at some point

where is the back of the head?

LOL, good point, nice someones paying attention ; ) Uploaded now!

This looks great!. 1 question, is this weareable like a helpmet? Im looking to print one for my custome

Well I guess it would be possible. I've glued mine shut as I'm intending to make a full size static model, but that dose raise a good question and I don't think it would be that hard.The neck band to wear would have to be a flexible material and the neck ring would have to be split to accommodate a hinge and pin latch, The front of the face would need to angled lips at the top to tuck in behind the outer vent rim. The two neck lugs would need some thread glued into the center of them and the nuts glued inside the bottom front face of the neck plate. Then it would be just like the original ; ) I might have to look at that. The helmet fitted me quite well but I had a gap ether side for my ears and the original I believe is a real tight fit. So for accuarcy you could decrease the size between 5%-10%, Cheers Jace

Is this the C3PO from EA's Battlefront? :D It looks soooo great :D

Hi Folky, found it on a web site referencing Gary's Mods. This guy "Evil Genius" had a link to his drop box and I downloaded it from there and stuck it here https://www.thingiverse.com/Jace1969/about for all to use. So it could be??, Cheers Jace

yes, thats exactly what it is.
and without heavy modification, its neither film accurate nor wearable.
(dice must not have had access to lucasfilm or have outsourced to some 3rd party, but this is a battlefront III beta mesh)

however having said that, its alot better than DO3d's pile of puke attempt.

Just found this after saving your shore trooper helmet a while back ago! So hyped to print and can't wait for full suit so I can print all 3 of the droids (r2, bb8 and now threepio)

Sweet, I've started with the head and thus far its going well. Will be starting on the boddy soon. Look forward to seeing your builds also, Cheers Jace

good luck with that.... youll need it.
the chest is highly problematic.(size/scale/preportions of arm openings)
this was only ever meant for a video game so remember take it being wearable with a grain of salt.

Thanks Moofactory,
True, my main objective was to have him standing next to my full size R2, which I'm currently working on. but hey ya never know until you try ; )

you're the man, this as to be the best c3-po helmet on thingiverse.

big fan of your work jace

will you be doing any johnny 5 from the short circuit films


Actually Carlz done a nice head over here ;) Cheers Jace

And a body from here : ) https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:638242

Carlz Johnny 5 - Short Circuit Head
by carl74

I see James Brunton has done Johnny five?

Well its certainly something I will add to the list ; )
Thanks for the praise, hopefully the body stripped back will be just as cool : )Cheers Jace

Looking forward to seeing the rest of our favourite Protocol Droid :) Good work so far!

Awesome, thanks for he feed back. Yes me two ; ) look forward to bringing him to life, to the best of my ability. Cheers Jace